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We have all heard of the “5 second rule” and many of us have probably used it. The 5 second rule applies to dropped food (especially food we really want to eat) and the “rule” states that if it is on the floor for less than 5 seconds it is safe and acceptable to eat. We may not do this as much in public places where the floor seems dirty but are probably more apt to do it in our homes where the floors are relatively “clean.” The problem is – the floor in your home may be far dirtier than you realize, especially if you wear your shoes inside your home. The shoes you wear outside that walk all over the sidewalk, parking lot, offices, schools and other places you visit in a day pick up germs, bacteria, fecal matter and more and if you wear those shoes inside you transfer all of that bacteria to your home’s floor. But, even if you do not wear your shoes inside, just by living in your home there will automatically be bacteria on the floor. Bacteria can transfer to dropped food in just one second so ultimately – the 5 second rule is not really a rule at all.

Biofilm – you may not know what it is but you know it does not sound good. If you have been using chemical cleaning products in your home you may not even realize that surfaces may already contain biofilm. Biofilm is often invisible to the eye (or may be pink in color) but, make no mistake, it is there, and it is not good. CleanLink describes what biofilm is and why it is so concerning, “The film left behind from cleaning products can be a growth medium for microorganisms, a particular problem in moist places. This results in layers that are hard to clean. Biofilm is where microbes establish a colony, similar to slime on a rock or plaque on teeth. “Biodegradable means that microbes feed on it,” says Rathey. “So those residues can actually feed microorganisms.” What’s more, once biofilm becomes entrenched, it becomes very difficult to remove. “Biofilm protects all these living organisms,” says Hicks. “It’s kind of like putting plastic wrap over something.”’

A hospital is supposed to be place a healing and safety. But, what happens when the place you go to get better actually poses its own set of risks to your health? Unfortunately, this is the reality that the healthcare world is facing. Increasingly, hospitals and healthcare facilities are having to deal with patients that acquired an infection such as Staph or MRSA, not from the outside world but from right inside the healthcare facility. There is a reason that doctors, nurses and hospital staff take hand washing and disinfection of surfaces and instruments very seriously, they are dealing with very sick, sometimes contagious patients and infection can spread quickly without the following of proper protocols.

When you think of cleaning odors in the home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably pet odors.  And, while that may be the primary odor concern when cleaning, there are other sources or odors within the home including food, bathroom, and smoke.  Removing odors can be incredibly tricky because odors often permeate porous surfaces such as upholstery, carpet, grout and more and then linger because those are some of the most difficult surfaces to clean without causing damage.  Steam cleaning is the ideal solution because it cleans without chemicals but can permeate porous surfaces to lift and remove dirt, debris and odor without causing damage.

Visit any home or business in most of the world and you will find an array of cleaning products specifically designed to target certain areas for cleaning.  Aside from the hassle of needing 5-10 different cleaning products for one home or business, most of them are completely filed to the brim with chemicals.  And, not […]
Tile flooring is a beautiful, versatile, durable flooring and, with so many styles and sizes available, looks wonderful in any home.  But, one thing all tile has in common is grout.  The grout lines between tile can be a variety of shades but, over time, all grout will get darker due to dirt and liquids […]
Professional kitchens, cafeterias, and food preparation and packaging facilities all have one common problem – the mess.  Preparing food, cooking food, and serving food is never a completely clean and spotless process.  While it is easy to wipe up a spill here or there, or sweep up some things off the ground, anyone that has […]
When you think of steam cleaning you may think of disinfection, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning or a variety of other things.  What may not pop into your mind right off the bat is all the possibilities for using your steam cleaner outside of your home.  Yes, a portable steam cleaner is the truly the best […]
It seems like every other day we are hearing about household cleaning products that contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer.  While we want to keep our homes clean and stop the spread of bacteria, we should not have to choose between cleanliness and long-term health.   Steam cleaning is a green alternative to chemical […]