10 Household Cleaning Chores to Tackle With Steam

It seems like every other day we are hearing about household cleaning products that contain chemicals that have been linked to cancer.  While we want to keep our homes clean and stop the spread of bacteria, we should not have to choose between cleanliness and long-term health.   Steam cleaning is a green alternative to chemical cleaning products that does not sacrifice in effectiveness and will not put your health at any risk from use. There are many steam cleaner and steam vacuum products available on the market but not all are created equal.  Only high-end steam cleaning products, such as those made by Vapamore, are capable of heating water to such a high degree that it produces a steam vapor that is capable of killing 99% of bacteria.  It is important to invest in a good portable steam cleaner such as the Vapamore MR-100 PRIMO  or MR-75 AMICO Handheld Steam Cleaner because, once you have, you can clean all over your home.  The vast majority of household cleaning tasks can be tackled with a steam cleaner, leaving you with a clean, chemical-free home that has been disinfected.  Below are 10 household cleaning chores that can be cleaned with the simple but effective power of steam cleaning.

  1. Tile & Grout
    • Everyday cleaning of tile is a breeze with a steam cleaner as it quickly and effectively disinfects your floor. Chemical floor cleaning products leave a residue that gets on the skin of you, your family and your pets.  Steam cleaning is more effective and leaves no residue.  Additionally, cleaning grout is a back-breaking chore that requires endless scrubbing and frustration.  Steam cleaning lifts dirt deep down in the tiniest of crevices and removes it, leaving you with pristine grout using far less elbow-grease.
  2. Shower & Bath
    • Showers and baths are exposed to moisture, soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, dirt, debris and other things so it is no surprise that it can get very dirty, very quickly. Showers and baths can be difficult to clean effectively but they are no match for the power of steam.  Steam can get into every pore and lift dirt and mildew so that your shower or bath looks and smells like new.
  3. Kitchen Counters
    • Your kitchen counters are the surfaces on which you frequently touch or prepare food, exposing you to harsh chemical residue from cleaning products multiple times a day. Not only are they being absorbed through your skin but you may even be ingesting them through food!  If you have granite or stone counters they are porous and can even be damaged by chemical cleaners.  Protect your investment and protect your family by steam cleaning your counters.
  4. Sinks
    • We wash our hands and face and brush our teeth over a sink so it often collects germs and bacteria. It is important to completely disinfect sinks, as well as their plumbing fixtures and hardware to prevent the spread of illness in your home and keep them looking their best.
  5. Toilets
    • It goes without saying that toilets can have a lot of bacteria in and around them. Cleaning a toilet is no one’s favorite activity but it must be done to prevent illness and the spread of harmful bacteria.  Also, nothing looks more gross and uninviting than a dirty toilet.  Steam cleaning disinfects and perfectly cleans your toilets both quickly and effectively.
  6. Patio Furniture
    • While you may not think of the importance of cleaning patio furniture, it is exposed to outside elements and without proper cleaning can look dusty, dirty and downright unattractive. Your steam cleaner can be used to clean many kinds of patio furniture, as well as their cushions or upholstery, so that you can enjoy time spent outside.
  7. Pet Cages
    • If you have a pet that spends any time of the day in a cage it can begin to smell and look dirty over time. Steam cleaning is the ideal way to get into small crevices of a cage or crate, disinfect, clean and eliminate unpleasant odors.
  8. Grills
    • That grill you use for burgers and hot dogs sees a lot of use and abuse. Because it is used to prepare your food it is important to keep it both clean and disinfected like you would with any other cooking product or utensil.
  9. Mattresses
    • Mattress are a breeding ground for dust mites, bed bugs and who knows what else. Keep the place you rest your head each night clean with steam which can kill insects in their tracks and keep your mattress smelling its best.
  10. Toys
    • Small children’s toys can be difficult to clean without chemicals. And, as we all know, children often stick toys in their mouth or play with toys and then put their hands in their mouth – spreading illness and germs.  Quickly and effectively clean kids toys with steam.

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