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Vapamore stands out from all the others manufactures due to our superior support. This includes everything from product education, technical help, usage tips, warranty and repairs. Most all issues can be avoided by a simple phone call to the Vapamore support staff 480 951 8900

The website contains the materials needed for user support including product overview videos and specific how to videos and usage tips pages. The videos have been produced to provide concise information to address the most common questions associated with Vapamore products. We strongly recommend familiarizing yourself with the videos located on the video web page at Other pertinent information regarding Vapamore products such as usage suggestions and tips, as well as the product pdf instruction manuals can also be found at

Warranty / Repair Issues

Most warranty/repair issues stem from a lack of product knowledge. Contact the Vapamore support staff with any issues you may have. Vapamore support has accumulated years of experience and knowledge and are dedicated to providing the highest level of support to Vapamore customers. In most cases Vapamore will accommodate any requests within reason to ensure satisfaction with the Vapamore experience. REMEMBER we are here to help.

NOTE: In order to maintain the Vapamore high standard of quality and safety, all service and repairs are to be performed by the Vapamore service department. Any non authorized service will void all warranties.

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