Lifetime Product Warranty

Vapamore‘s commitment to creating the perfect product has inspired the unprecedented Vapamore Lifetime Warranty. Every owner of a Vapamore product is guaranteed a top quality machine and outstanding customer service for life.

Why do we ask you to register your warranty within 15 days of receiving your Vapamore product? It’s simply to protect you! Registering within the first 15 days gives us the chance to inform you of any issues and gives you time to return the product for a refund in the case of an issue. Registering your new Vapamore product allows us to see if the product was purchased from an authorized Vapamore dealer, if the product is new or used and if the product is a genuine Vapamore product. Remember we are here to help… please contact us at or 480-951-8900 with any questions.

Please click on your model below to download a Lifetime Warranty Certificate