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When looking for an eco-friendly way to clean your house, you should consider the benefits of steam cleaning. With this cleaning method, you gain a way to use tap water as an effective cleaning agent. Even better, steam cleaning sanitizes and disinfects various surfaces, including flooring and more. You can even use steam cleaning to clean fabrics in your home, such as those on your couches. Combining heat with high pressure, steam cleaning allows you to penetrate deep into surface pores to eliminate various types of viruses and germs. It also removes residue, mold, bacteria, dirt, and grease. If you have already cleaned your home with harmful cleaning products, steam cleaning gives you a way to remove the film and residue left behind by those cleaning agents.

Many homes today have natural stone surfaces.  Whether it is flooring, countertops, or inside your shower, care must be taken when trying to clean and maintain natural stone.  Natural stone is incredibly beautiful and, while durable, can be prone to staining.  Natural stone tends to be porous which is why it is prone to staining.  Chemical cleaning products will likely only disinfect and clean the surface but will not lift and remove anything from the pores of natural stone.  Further, the chemicals may be absorbed into the pores and lead to staining or damage.  Steam cleaning, on the other hand, will not damage natural stone and will restore it to its natural beauty with each cleaning.

Summer is upon us and that means fun in the sun, vacations, and often, houseguests. Keeping your house clean, disinfected, and deodorized is no small task.  And, if you have children home from school on break it is even harder since they spend more time in your home each day.  Nobody looks forward to completing a deep cleaning of their home before guests arrive but you do not have to fear it!  A steam cleaner makes it easy to tackle just about any cleaning project in your home and get your home houseguest ready in no time!

Regardless of what region in which you live, if you have running water through faucets in your home, your faucets probably develop some buildup over time.  There are different types of buildup from various minerals and substances such as calcium, limescale, magnesium, sodium, silicate, phosphate, and more.  In places where there is a high mineral concentration in the water, buildup can happen very quickly and can be difficult to clean and remove without damaging your faucets.  While there are many different (and expensive) ways to try to manage the mineral concentration in your water and reduce buildup the fact of the matter is that faucets will develop scale or buildup over time no matter what efforts you make to stop the buildup.  But, just because your faucets will develop buildup it does not mean you just have to accept unsightly buildup, reduced water flow, or damaged plumbing hardware – there is an answer – steam cleaning!

Summertime is upon us and that means the kids are home all day.  And, that also means, the kids have much more opportunity to make a huge mess around the house!  But, do not fret!  The idea of having to clean a spill or splatter every 10 minutes may sound like your worst nightmare but it does not have to be.  With a portable steam cleaner, cleaning is made easy, effective, and efficient!

If you run a professional janitorial service or building maintenance service, you probably have a team of professionals on staff to tackle all of the cleaning tasks at hand.  Additionally, you probably have invested in a wide array of cleaning products (that constantly need replacement), as well as cleaning tools.  But, have you invested in a high-quality, professional-grade steam cleaner?  If not, you need to ASAP.  An investment in a commercial-grade steam cleaner will more than pay for itself in hours saved and reduction in cleaning product costs, and will ultimately transform how you do business.

Many homes today have granite or other natural stone countertops such as quartz or marble.  And, while many of these stones are not only beautiful but durable, they do require care and maintenance to look beautiful for years to come.  Additionally, countertops come in contact with a lot of dirt, grime and bacteria.  Many homeowners may reach for their chemical cleaning products to clean and disinfect but those products can actually damage many granite and natural stone countertops.  Chemical cleaning products leave a residue behind that can stain countertops.  And, not only that, but chemical cleaning products can also create a biofilm which actually traps bacteria on your countertop and slowly grows, becoming harder and harder to eliminate.  For these reasons (and more!) it is best to clean and disinfect your granite countertops with a steam cleaner.  Steam cleaning is safe for your countertops, eliminates 99% of bacteria, will not stain your countertops, will not create biofilm, and will not leave hazardous chemicals on your countertops which means you do not have to worry that your food will be contaminated with chemicals or that chemicals will get on your skin.

Concrete floors have become very popular in both home design and in restaurants and retail spaces.  Additionally, many industrial settings have concrete floors.  And, even if your home does not have concrete floors, you probably have concrete flooring somewhere on your property such as your garage or your patio.  Cement flooring may just be poured and left to set, it may be stained and/or sealed, or it may be stamped or painted in unique designs.  Though concrete flooring is very durable, all flooring is susceptible to stains and getting dirty.  Some spills or shoe scuff marks are easier to clean but if something stains your concrete flooring or difficult to remove substances such as grease get spilled on concrete the cleaning task if far more difficult if not impossible to complete resolve. 

Your flooring sees a lot of wear and tear.  You walk in and out of your house, tracking whatever chemicals, dirt, and other residues that are on your shoes from the outside world and bring them right into your home.  You walk all over your home every day, your pets walk around, your kids walk around, and the list goes on and on.  Needless to say, your floors are not only dirty but probably crawling with bacteria. Chemical cleaning products often don’t thoroughly clean flooring because they can’t get into small crevices and porous surfaces that flooring often has but it will also leave a chemical residue behind that you will then track throughout your home.  Fortunately, there is an alternative to chemical cleaning products – steam cleaning.  People can be hesitant that steam will not do as thorough a cleaning job as chemical will but steam can actually heat water to such a high degree that it is capable of killing 99% of bacteria.  Using a steam cleaner is the most effective, efficient, and economical way to keep almost any flooring type clean and disinfected.