Clean Buildup on Faucets with Steam Cleaner

Regardless of what region in which you live, if you have running water through faucets in your home, your faucets probably develop some buildup over time.  There are different types of buildup from various minerals and substances such as calcium, limescale, magnesium, sodium, silicate, phosphate, and more.  In places where there is a high mineral concentration in the water, buildup can happen very quickly and can be difficult to clean and remove without damaging your faucets.  While there are many different (and expensive) ways to try to manage the mineral concentration in your water and reduce buildup the fact of the matter is that faucets will develop scale or buildup over time no matter what efforts you make to stop the buildup.  But, just because your faucets will develop buildup it does not mean you just have to accept unsightly buildup, reduced water flow, or damaged plumbing hardware – there is an answer – steam cleaning!

A steam cleaner is a great tool for safely and effectively cleaning buildup on faucets.  Many other harsh chemical cleaning products and cleaning tools could damage the appearance and remove the finish on a faucet but a steam cleaner will gently clean without causing damage.  Unlike other cleaning products that only clean the surface onto which they are sprayed, steam can penetrate porous surfaces including even the tiniest of crevices to lift and remove dirt, debris, and loosen buildup so that it can be easily removed.  Additionally, if you are cleaning around your sink, tub, shower, or other surfaces that may have grout nearby it is easy to use your steam cleaner to remove hard water stains and residue at the same time, leaving behind a sparkling clean surface that is disinfected and free of any buildup.  Vapamore steam cleaning machines come with a myriad of attachments to help make the job easier and to provide you with the tools you need to get the most effective cleaning from your steam machine.  An investment in a steam cleaner for your household is an investment that will pay for itself time and time again.  You can move from room to room in your home cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing virtually any surface without chemicals.  When you notice buildup of any kind on your faucets, reach for your steam cleaner to effectively clean your faucets without causing any aesthetic damage to the finish.


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