Steam Clean Natural Stone Surfaces in Your Home

Many homes today have natural stone surfaces.  Whether it is flooring, countertops, or inside your shower, care must be taken when trying to clean and maintain natural stone.  Natural stone is incredibly beautiful and, while durable, can be prone to staining.  Natural stone tends to be porous which is why it is prone to staining.  Chemical cleaning products will likely only disinfect and clean the surface but will not lift and remove anything from the pores of natural stone.  Further, the chemicals may be absorbed into the pores and lead to staining or damage.  Steam cleaning, on the other hand, will not damage natural stone and will restore it to its natural beauty with each cleaning.

Steam cleaning works so well with natural stone because steam is propelled through a nozzle and penetrates into the tiniest pores and crevices of the stone to lift and remove dirt, debris and stains.  Additionally, the steam in a high-quality commercial-grade steam cleaner is produced by heating water to such a high degree that it is capable of not just cleaning but disinfecting surfaces.  Many big box stores sell steam cleaners but the quality is lacking and while they produce steam, it is often not capable of true disinfection.  Vapamore steam cleaners clean and disinfect with incredible, professional power.  Whether you need to clean dirt from natural stone in a high traffic flooring area, a liquid spill on your kitchen countertops, or dirt and soap residue in your shower, steam cleaning can tackle the job.  Houzz describes the “Do’s and Don’ts” of cleaning stone and they note that cleaning with things like ammonia and vinegar can damage your stone but steam cleaning works wonders, “Do use the power of steam. Steam cleaners are a great tool for cleaning stone and grout in your shower. There are canister-style steamers that have a hose and attachments that are perfect for steam cleaning flat surfaces. They also have a small direct nozzle that will clean your grout without using any chemicals.”

Steam can penetrate the pores in your natural stone surfaces and clean the grout around them as well!  You will be astonished as your see dirt, debris and stains lift and disappear from your natural stone, leaving behind a clean and disinfected surface that looks as good as the day it was installed!

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