Kids Home for Summer? Win the Battle Against the Mess with a Steam Cleaner!

Summertime is upon us and that means the kids are home all day.  And, that also means, the kids have much more opportunity to make a huge mess around the house!  But, do not fret!  The idea of having to clean a spill or splatter every 10 minutes may sound like your worst nightmare but it does not have to be.  With a portable steam cleaner, cleaning is made easy, effective, and efficient!

Kids spill things.  There is no way around it.  They just tend to leave sticky messes of food, glue, and other unknown substances where er they go.  Whether you have a mystery substance on the floor, table, wall, toilet, sink, or any other location, your steam cleaner can quickly clean even the stickiest of residues while leaving behind a completely disinfected surface.  Did the kids insist on helping with today’s cooking project, spilling milk or eggs all over the place in the process?  Don’t let the fear of a mess stop you from making memories with your kids.  Let them enjoy being little and spending time with you and make the cleanup process quick and easy with a steam cleaner.

Steam cleaning can clean just about any surface in your home.  And, not only will it clean but it will deodorize and remove many stains as well.  Remember those spilled mystery substances?  Did they penetrate your grout, leaving behind stained and/or darkened grout?  A steam cleaner can penetrate the pores of grout to lift and remove dirt, debris, and stains while scrubbing away the mess.  It will leave your grout looking like new!

For busy parents, a portable steam cleaner is simply ideal because it is fast and efficient.  You can move from room to room and mess to mess cleaning quickly and easily so that the to-do list does not have to pile up while you spend hours scrubbing, mopping, and wiping.  Further, we know that parents want to do everything to protect the health of their kids and that means avoiding harsh and harmful chemicals.  Most commercial cleaning products, even the ‘green’ ones, are filled with chemicals that have many harmful effects.  Those chemicals leave behind a chemical residue on surfaces that your kids may breathe in or touch and get on their skin.  Steam cleaners use only water so no harsh chemicals are used in the cleaning and disinfecting process, yet they provide the same (and usually better!) level of cleaning power than chemical cleaners.  With the kids home for summer, every household needs a steam cleaner!

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