Clean and Remove Stains from Concrete Flooring with a Steam Cleaner

Concrete floors have become very popular in both home design and in restaurants and retail spaces.  Additionally, many industrial settings have concrete floors.  And, even if your home does not have concrete floors, you probably have concrete flooring somewhere on your property such as your garage or your patio.  Cement flooring may just be poured and left to set, it may be stained and/or sealed, or it may be stamped or painted in unique designs.  Though concrete flooring is very durable, all flooring is susceptible to stains and getting dirty.  Some spills or shoe scuff marks are easier to clean but if something stains your concrete flooring or difficult to remove substances such as grease get spilled on concrete the cleaning task if far more difficult if not impossible to complete resolve. 

There are certainly many chemical cleaning products that can be used but concrete is porous and those products may not be able to fully reach the entirety of the stain.  And, depending on how the concrete flooring is treated, some chemical cleaning products may simply make the problem worse by causing further staining to the floor during the cleaning process.  A steam cleaner is the most effective cleaning tool when cleaning concrete because the steam will penetrate even the tiniest of crevices to lift and remove dirt, debris, grease, stains, gum, odors, etc.  Vapamore steam cleaners heat water to such a high degree that the steam produced is capable of cleaning up to 99% of bacteria.  Once the steam is produced, Vapamore steam cleaners propel water at a high velocity through a nozzle to direct the steam exactly where you need it to go.  A chemical cleaning product will only be able to address surface stains and a brush can only reach so far but steam can penetrate deeply to more effectively clean and remove dirt and stains.  Once the dirt, debris, and stains have been dislodged and lifted from the concrete flooring, Vapamore steam vacuum cleaners will extract everything, leaving behind pristine concrete flooring.

A Vapamore steam cleaner comes with the necessary attachments to properly clean your concrete including a floor cleaning head, micro fiber, extension tubes, grout brush, nylon brush, metal brush, and jet nozzle.  To clean your concrete floor, first sweet or vacuum the flooring.  Then, steam clean the floors with a floor cleaning head and if you have heavy stains use the micro fiber cover.  Next, Clean corners and baseboards with the nylon brush.  Then, clean any joint lines with a grout or metal brush and/or jet nozzle.  Finally, finish your floor cleaning using the head/micro fiber attachment.

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