Steam Cleaning for Commercial Building Maintenance or Janitorial Services

If you run a professional janitorial service or building maintenance service, you probably have a team of professionals on staff to tackle all of the cleaning tasks at hand.  Additionally, you probably have invested in a wide array of cleaning products (that constantly need replacement), as well as cleaning tools.  But, have you invested in a high-quality, professional-grade steam cleaner?  If not, you need to ASAP.  An investment in a commercial-grade steam cleaner will more than pay for itself in hours saved and reduction in cleaning product costs, and will ultimately transform how you do business.

Vapamore carries a selection of steam cleaners of different sizes and with different capabilities to tackle any cleaning needs for your janitorial or building maintenance service.  And, all that you will need is water.  Say goodbye to constantly replacing those chemical cleaners that are harsh and harmful to both your health and the environment.  Once you have your steam cleaner you simply need to fill it with water and wait for it to heat up.  Once ready, extremely hot steam (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit) will be propelled through a nozzle at a high velocity to ensure maximum cleaning power.  Steam can penetrate far deeper into fabrics, upholstery, and tiny crevices than any chemical cleaning product.  And, not only will it lift and clean dirt but it will completely disinfect surfaces.  And, it is a powerful tool in pest control.  It is even capable of killing bed bugs! City Wide Building Maintenance Solutions elaborates on why a steam cleaner is the best tool a janitorial service or building maintenance service can have in their cleaning arsenal, “Not only is dirty grout unsightly, but it also houses bacteria. Steam cleaning uses only water – very hot water at an intense pressure – creating dry steam, which pushes the bacteria and dirt particles out, not in, like pressure washing.

Steam cleaning is an ideal regular maintenance for lobbies, as well as restroom floors and walls, as it sanitizes them even further than the daily cleaning received from mopping or wiping with a disinfectant. Grout is a very porous material which requires a deeper clean occasionally in order to remove impurities and micro-organisms, therefore promoting a healthy environment.Many cleaners used on flooring are acid-based, which can be quite harsh. Not only can the chemicals push the dirt particles deeper into the plaster – making it harder to clean – but it can also wear out the material faster, causing expensive replacement costs sooner than necessary.Steam cleaning can be quicker than other methods, such as Bonnet or Rotary. We recommend scheduling your tile and grout steam cleaning one to two times per year. Scheduled maintenance means one less thing for you to worry about.”

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