Take Your Steam Cleaner Outside To Clean

When you think of steam cleaning you may think of disinfection, carpet cleaning, grout cleaning or a variety of other things.  What may not pop into your mind right off the bat is all the possibilities for using your steam cleaner outside of your home.  Yes, a portable steam cleaner is the truly the best multipurpose, versatile cleaner, capable of being used in a wide variety of applications.  Cleaning outside your home may have been a painstaking, frustrating process in the past, requiring a lot of cleaning products and tools.  Below, we explore different ways to use your portable steam cleaner when cleaning outside.

  • Patio Furniture
    • Your patio furniture has to weather the outside elements including rain, dirt, debris, birds and other critters, and your use so it is no wonder it can wear out easily. Cleaning patio furniture is a frustrating process because, in no time at all, it can be very dirty again.  Patio furniture tends to have lots of small areas in which dirt can get trapped and once it is dirty it is hard to get it really clean again.  However, steam can handle the job.  Steam cleaners focus their vapor steam through a nozzle to penetrate deeply and lift and remove dirt and debris, leaving your patio furniture looking as good as new.  And, the best part of all is that it is quick and easy so frequent cleaning is a breeze.
  • Grill & Outdoor Kitchen
    • Your outdoor kitchen and grill are likely something that gets used a lot and produces a lot of delicious meals. But, just like your kitchen and cookware inside, it is necessary to fully clean them so that you can safely produce the best food possible.  Nobody wants foods cooked on a dirty surface.  But, if you have ever tried to clean a grill that has been somewhat neglected, you know how hard it can be to get all of that charred on food and debris off.  A steam cleaner will penetrate even the most difficult and tough stains and food on grills and provide you with a clean cooking surface.  Additionally, it can be used to clean any other area of your outdoor kitchen, including refrigerators, stoves, counters, dishwashers, and so much more.
  • Sporting Goods
    • If you store your sporting goods in the garage or outside shed like most of us do, you know they can get dirty, smelly and filled with bacteria. Golf clubs, hockey gear, football gear, helmets, pool gear and more can all get very dirty and, when combined with bodily fluids such as sweat or blood, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to infection and other problems.  The problem with sporting goods is that they can be rather challenging to clean with many small parts and porous surfaces.  If you spray a chemical cleaner on them it will likely just get absorbed and not do much.  Fortunately, steam cleaning is an effective tool when cleaning sporting goods because it can penetrate small spaces and porous surfaces to disinfect and clean better than any other chemical cleaning product.
  • Car Interior
    • While many people take their car to the dealer to get it detailed and cleaned out, that expensive and time consuming appointment is no longer necessary! Steam cleaners are capable of cleaning the entire interior of a vehicle, from hard surfaces to most upholstery.  It can lift any dirt or debris, even in the tiniest of crevices, and remove it to leave your car looking like new.

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