Sanitizing Hospitality/Cooking Equipment With Steam

Professional kitchens, cafeterias, and food preparation and packaging facilities all have one common problem – the mess.  Preparing food, cooking food, and serving food is never a completely clean and spotless process.  While it is easy to wipe up a spill here or there, or sweep up some things off the ground, anyone that has worked in a professional kitchen before knows that it goes far beyond a spill or mess here or there. Professional and commercial kitchen and food preparation facilities can get food, cooking oils, grease and other bacteria on more than just the stove.  It can get on the floor, the walls, the ceilings, and in virtually any small nooks and crannies throughout the room.  If food comes into contact with old food particles, cooking grease or other bacteria, it can become hazardous and may pose a risk to the consumer.  Because hygiene is an essential part of the food preparation industry, steam cleaning is the ideal way to keep your kitchen or food preparation facility not only clean but sanitized.

Instill confidence in your customer’s about the quality of service you provide, and the high cleanliness standard to which you hold your kitchen or food preparation facility by implementing a steam cleaning protocol. Fortunately, Vapamore steam cleaners are the best way to keep your kitchen and facility safe during food preparation, processing and packaging.  High-end steam cleaners heat water to such a high temperature that it produces a steam that is capable of disinfection, killing 99% of bacteria.  Steam not only cleans all surfaces but can penetrate porous surfaces and can get into the tiniest of spaces to lift, remove and disinfect in a way that no chemical cleaner can.  Steam cleaners can sanitize everything, including slicers, scales, racks, cooking surfaces, ovens, grills, stoves, burners, vents, hoods, flooring, grout, and more.  It removes stains from surfaces and properly cleans stainless steel.  Additionally, it can remove any visible and invisible residue to ensure that no hazardous bacteria is left lurking, waiting to potentially contaminate your food.  While chemical cleaners will do a basic job cleaning surfaces, they will not get into small spaces and you do not want your food to come into contact with chemical residue.  Steam will get into any space and leave no residue because it is cleaning with just water that has been heated to an extremely high temperature – making it the green choice.  Additionally, by implementing a steam cleaner to your sanitization process, you will save money in the long run because all it requires to clean is water, rather than having to constantly purchase new chemical cleaning products.  To implement not only the safest, most eco-friendly cleaning process that will leave your commercial kitchen or food preparation completely sanitized and spotless, use a steam cleaner.

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