Why We Love Steam For Cleaning

Visit any home or business in most of the world and you will find an array of cleaning products specifically designed to target certain areas for cleaning.  Aside from the hassle of needing 5-10 different cleaning products for one home or business, most of them are completely filed to the brim with chemicals.  And, not just commonplace chemicals that are necessary for cleaning, chemicals that have been studied and shown to be potentially harmful and even linked to cancer.  Breast Cancer Fund describes the health risks posed by everyday cleaning products, “We pay a price for all of our modern conveniences: Our homes are now filled with man-made substances that include all sorts of synthetic chemicals, some of which are known carcinogens linked to breast cancer. Everyday items such as furniture, cleaning products, paint and plastic dishes can introduce harmful chemicals into our environment and our bodies. And we’re exposed to lots of potentially hazardous substances that you might not even think of, from dry-cleaning chemicals to the non-stick surface on our frying pans.  To add to the problem, even though we normally equate clean with healthy, most commercial cleaning products take away dirt and grime but leave behind harmful chemicals.”  Even many of the cleaning products that are labeled and packaged as being “green,” “environmentally friendly”, or “natural” are often still filled with hazardous chemicals so determining what cleaning products are safe is incredibly challenging.  There is one simple, cost-effective way to eliminate confusion, ensure no risky chemicals are being used, and still clean and disinfect a wide array of surfaces – steam.

Steam cleaning is not only more effective than most household cleaners but it is far safer.  Steam cleaners simply use water heated to a high temperature to clean as well as remove 99% of bacteria.  While there are many steam cleaners on the market, few are capable of heating to a sufficient temperature to actually disinfect and further, few are capable of propelling steam at such a rate that it provides the best clean possible. Vapamore steam cleaners are the essence of superior design and intelligent engineering.  Motivated by a passion to realize the perfect steam cleaning machine, every Vapamore product is built and rigorously tested to ensure that each machine is up to our high standards.

Our engineering continues to evolve as technology and needs evolve.  We passionately pursue excellence on behalf of our customers and transform the most powerful elements of nature, water, and air into the world’s most advanced steam cleaning technology.  Each of our products offer a 100% natural, chemical-free cleaning that purifies your home and business and protects the health of you, your family, your employees and your customers.  Further, Vapamore products offer the kind of cleaning versatility we all could use because our products can be used to clean kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, flooring, upholstery, linens, mattresses, grout, sporting goods, automobiles, and far more.  So, rather than having to constantly stock up on expensive, chemical-filled cleaning products, invest in a powerful Vapamore steam cleaner and clean your home in a healthier, more effective way.


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