Best Grout Cleaning With Steam

Tile flooring is a beautiful, versatile, durable flooring and, with so many styles and sizes available, looks wonderful in any home.  But, one thing all tile has in common is grout.  The grout lines between tile can be a variety of shades but, over time, all grout will get darker due to dirt and liquids getting into the porous surface.  Even if you have sealed grout, eventually, it will look dirty.  The traditional way of cleaning grout is to get a small grout brush or tooth brush, get down on your knees, and scrub away.  It is a back-breaking process, requiring a lot of elbow grease, and leaving you sore for many days to come.  Not only that, but it is not exactly a quick process – take a look at your grout lines, see how many there are?  All of those grout lines are going to take some time to get clean when you use such an antiquated process.  Fortunately, there is a better way.  Steam cleaning is the ideal way to clean grout, providing the optimal clean without all of the chemicals, time consumption and soreness.

When you clean grout with traditional products you scrub the lines with a chemical-filled cleaning product.  That product then leaves a residue on grout and tile that will get on your skin, your family’s skin and your pet’s skin.  Not only that, but as you walk around your shoes or feet will track it throughout your home, spreading that residue all over the place.  Rather than cleaning with harsh chemicals, why not get a better clean with something as simple as water.  Water is heated to an extremely high temperature, high enough to kill 99% of bacteria, and the steam that is produced is propelled through a nozzle to focus cleaning power right where you need it.  While chemical cleaning products can only clean the surface, steam can penetrate porous surfaces to lift and remove dirt and stains which will provide a much better clean.  Additionally, because the steam is propelled at a high velocity and can penetrate deeply, the need for scrubbing will be greatly diminished.  This will save you time and help reduce soreness from such a laborious task.  Finally, steam is the safest method of cleaning for your grout.  Harsh brushed and chemical cleaning products will chip away at the surface of the grout and diminish its strength.  Steam will not damage the surface of grout at all but will in fact protect the integrity of the grout so that it looks its best for years to come.  If you have been considering cleaning your grout, do so with a high quality steam cleaner such as the ones sold by Vapamore.  Not only will it provide the best clean possible, but it will also be a useful cleaning tool in your arsenal for any other household cleaning chores.

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