Clean & Disinfect Natural Stone Floors with a Steam Cleaner

We have all heard of the “5 second rule” and many of us have probably used it. The 5 second rule applies to dropped food (especially food we really want to eat) and the “rule” states that if it is on the floor for less than 5 seconds it is safe and acceptable to eat. We may not do this as much in public places where the floor seems dirty but are probably more apt to do it in our homes where the floors are relatively “clean.” The problem is – the floor in your home may be far dirtier than you realize, especially if you wear your shoes inside your home. The shoes you wear outside that walk all over the sidewalk, parking lot, offices, schools and other places you visit in a day pick up germs, bacteria, fecal matter and more and if you wear those shoes inside you transfer all of that bacteria to your home’s floor. But, even if you do not wear your shoes inside, just by living in your home there will automatically be bacteria on the floor. Bacteria can transfer to dropped food in just one second so ultimately – the 5 second rule is not really a rule at all.
Even if you are not eating food of your floor, you may not realize just how much bacteria is lingering on your floor. Natural stone floors often have different textures because of the stone and bacteria can get trapped in the surface variations. Additionally, bacteria may accumulate in the grout. It may be your instinct to reach for the mop, bucket and floor cleaning product but that may also pose problems. Not only are those chemically-based cleaning products bad for many types of natural stone and wood floors but they may also facilitate and spread the growth of biofilm, under which bacterial growth is fostered. The most effective and safe way to clean natural stone floors is with your steam cleaner. A steam cleaner heats water to such a high degree that it produces a steam capable of exceptional cleaning and disinfection. Vapamore steam cleaners propel that steam through a focused nozzle and that steam penetrates porous surfaces and lifts and removes dirt, debris and bacteria from surfaces and leaves behind a clean, disinfected surface. Not only is it more effective but far easier because you will not have to spend hours on your hands and knees scrubbing your stone floors and grout, steam effortlessly lifts and removes it as you pass the steam cleaner slowly over the surface. When you need to clean stone flooring, don’t reach for the mop, reach for the steam cleaner and stop the spread of bacteria in your home.

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