The Amazing Power of Steam For Cleaning Grout

When you own a home with tile, you know that over time grout is going to get dirty.  Tile is a wonderful, durable choice for any home and it cleans quite easily but no matter how tight grout line are, and even if they have been sealed, they will get dirty.  Dirty grout is unsightly, unappealing and can actually make rooms feel smaller because it breaks up the natural sight line.  When grout is clean it disappears for the eye and allows a room to feel much more open and clean.  But, if you have ever cleaned your grout by hand, you know it is a painstaking experience.  You have to get on your hands and knees with grout cleaning solution, tiny brushes and manually scrub each and every grout line.  Depending on how much grout you have, the whole thing could take  hours or even days to complete. And, as anyone who has scrubbed grout knows, no matter how hard you scrub and clean, it never quite looks as good as it should. Rather than breaking your back trying to scrub tile grout, there is actually a much easier method of cleaning – steam.  Steam cleaning is incredibly effective for cleaning grout, uses no chemicals and you will not spend countless hours or days scrubbing because the steam will lift dirt right out of the grout lines for you.

Using a steam cleaner, such as the Vapamore steam cleaner, is the best method of grout cleaning.  A base unit generates steam and then propels it with pressure through a nozzle.  The steam is heated to an extremely high temperature so that it will lift dirt, grime and mildew that has been ground into grout up.  Not only that, but it actually kills germs in the process.  When using the steam cleaner you can literally watch the grout being blasted away.  Traditional methods of cleaning grout with a brush only works on the surface level where bristles can reach but steam permeates the grout to achieve a different level of cleaning power.  The best reason to get a grout cleaner is that it can be used for cleaning multiple surfaces with supreme power and effectiveness so when you invest in a steam cleaner you are not investing in a “one use” tool.  Use your steam cleaner all over your home and then use it to keep your grout cleaner than you could have ever imagined, whenever you need.

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