Steam Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

Moving into a new home is exciting but getting rid of the previous owner’s smells and stains is not so exciting.  The last thing you want to do is move your upholstered furniture, drapery, mattresses, towels, and bedding into a home that has the previous owner’s odors.  And nobody wants to look at unsightly grout or gross carpet stains that someone else caused.  Moving into a new home is a fresh start so don’t let it be diminished by odors and stains – steam clean your new home before moving in for the fresh start you want!

While you can certainly rent a steam cleaner to give your home the deep cleaning you want before moving in, investing in one is a far better choice.  Renting a steam cleaner is not exactly cheap so why not put that money towards the purchase of a steam cleaner that you can use again and again to clean your new home.  It will be the investment that keeps on giving.  When moving into a new home, you don’t really know what exactly the previous owners used to keep their home clean.  They may have cleaned with harsh chemicals that are dangerous to your health.  Additionally, if they were smokers, there could be other toxic chemicals in your home.  The best thing to do is clean with a steam cleaner because it only uses water to clean so it will remove dirt, dust, stains, mold, mildew, bed bugs, dust mites and other gross things without the use of any harsh chemicals.  Vapamore steam cleaners are commercial-grade steam cleaners so they are able to heat water to such a high degree that the steam produced is capable of killing up to 99% of bacteria.  Further, the steam is propelled through a nozzle at a powerful velocity so the steam can penetrate porous surfaces deeply, leaving behind the most clean and deodorized surfaces possible.  With your powerful steam cleaner, you can move from room to room quickly and efficiently disinfecting, deodorizing and deep cleaning.  Your steam cleaner can be used on carpet, grout, tile, vinyl, stone, countertops, appliances, faucets, sinks, shower heads, showers, bathtubs, toilets, and areas in your outdoor landscape such as your patio or garage.  It is the ultimate versatile cleaning tool and it will more than pay for itself after just a few uses.  Additionally, it will save you the time, hassle and expense of having to constantly replace chemical cleaning products.  Once you have invested in a steam cleaner, all you need is your machine and water to clean and disinfect.  Invest in your steam cleaner now and deep clean your new home before moving in!

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