Keeping Your Home Clean and Sanitized for Your Baby

Whether you are preparing for the arrival of a brand new baby or cleaning for your existing child, you want to create the safest environment in which to raise your child. It can be just to keep a clean home and car but even more so to protect your children from germs and bacteria. Small children in particular love to put things in their mouth. It is natural for your baby or toddler to constantly put things in their mouth; it is their way of learning about things. But, between your child crawling around on the floor and shoving anything they can find in their mouth, their tiny bodies are exposed to a lot of germs. You have three options – don’t clean and your house will become a germ-filled mess, clean with chemical-filled cleaning products that will likely then be ingested by your child, or opt for steam cleaning which uses no chemicals and is a green cleaning option.

Before you think, “I’ll take the risk of a little chemicals getting into my child if it means the germs have been disinfected”, let us tell you the problems with this logic. First, a “little bit” of those chemicals over the span of your child’s upbringing will add up to a lot of exposure. And, those chemicals aren’t exactly harmless – they have been linked to asthma, allergies, and even cancer. Second, it isn’t a choice between superior disinfection but increased health risk and simply adequate cleaning with steam. Steam cleaning is a highly effective way to clean but make no mistake, it is no slouch when it come sot disinfection – it disinfects 99% of bacteria as well! That’s right, steam cleaning is just as effective and often far more effective than chemical cleaning products.

Yes, Vapamore steam cleaners are an exceptionally powerful disinfecting tool and their versatility is unmatched. When you invest in one Vapamore steam cleaner, you can use it in a variety of ways both inside and outside the home to easily and effectively clean and disinfect. Clean your kitchen, flooring, grout, bathroom, carpet, upholstery, drapes, furniture, toys, sporting goods, and patio. And then head to your car and clean the interior of your car and even your child’s car seat! Steam cleaner don’t just clean surface dirt like chemical cleaning products, they lift and remove dirt for a more effective and precise clean. Your home will be sparkling and disinfected and you will save money because you will not need to constantly purchase cleaning products, all you will need is your Vapamore steam cleaner and some water to achieve the ultimate clean.

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