Five Steam Vacuum Accessories That Simplify Effective Cleaning

If you have a steam vacuum, you already know how effective they are to have around the home, office, school or workshop. Their versatile nature allows you to clean multiple areas with one tool, and each time is just as efficient as the time before. These vacuums also have accessories that can be used to simplify the process and make it even more productive. The following are just five of those.

  1. Nylon Grout Brush – A steam vacuum is the perfect tool to clean the grout between your tiles. The steam action itself provides for a real way to get the grout looking bright and new again. With a nylon grout brush, you are able to really get the dirt and grime out of the crevice. With a gentle scrubbing motion that is paired with steam, the dirt will basically be lifted out of the grout, without damaging it.
  2. Fabric Steamer and Squeegee – Because there are probably various fabric surfaces in your home or office, one of the most popular vacuum accessories is the fabric steamer and squeegee. This allows you to deep-clean the couch, a rug and even curtains without causing the fabric to discolor or shrink in any way. Stains can be lifted out so that your items are good as new.
  3. Large Stainless Steel Brush – For surfaces that require a good scrub, such as the garage floor or front walkway, a large stainless steel brush will get the job done. The steam action allows the stains to begin to lift off the surface, and the brush finishes the process by loosening the dirt up so it can be sucked into the vacuum.
  4. Nylon Medium Duty Brush – This type of steam vacuum accessory is perfect for areas that are too delicate for a brass or steel brush, but could still use a good scrub. Because it is medium duty, it could be the perfect accessory for walls, countertops and around windows.
  5. Detail Scraper – Sometimes there are spills and messes that just have a hard time coming up. A scraper gives you the option to get under it and make sure it is removed. The steam will also help the process, and the scraper will finish off the job.

As you can see, there are some accessories for your steam vacuum that could really speed up the cleaning process. Without the need for other tools or any harmful chemicals, your home, office or other space can be cleaned up in no time.

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