Commercial Steam Cleaning With the Vapamore MR1000 Forza

Steam cleaning has revolutionized the way many people clean their homes, but its potential extends far beyond residential applications. The Vapamore MR1000 Forza brings the power of steam to a commercial unit, allowing toxin-free sanitizing of countless sites and surfaces. With advanced operational technology and extra-durable construction to stand up to the demands of commercial cleaning, the Forza’s everything you need to get rid of grime efficiently and effectively.

A New Kind of Clean

As awareness spreads about the challenges facing the environment, many individuals and organizations have started to turn their focus toward more eco-friendly solutions for daily needs. Recycling, composting and preservation are becoming higher priorities. Steam cleaning is another great way to keep on the green side of things, as it eliminates the need for toxic cleansers through the use of super-hot vapor output.

Steam’s ideal for use in a vast variety of tasks, from disinfecting common areas and food preparation stations to removing sticky and stubborn messes from floors and walls. Use it on appliances, equipment, restroom fixtures and around the exterior of your building. The applications are nearly endless, displaying the true versatility of Vapamore commercial cleaning units.

Built for Business

Whatever your industry’s specific needs are, you can bet the MR1000 Forza’s ready to handle them. With temperatures up to 280 degrees and 90-PSI pressure, steam cleaning has never been more effective. A 1700-watt element heats water and is computer-controlled for precise, adjustable operation and a continuous flow of steam is assured for constant, steady cleaning power.

The Forza also comes with a complement of over 50 attachments and accessories to handle every job:

  • Detailing scrapers
  • Various sizes of nylon grout brushes
  • Multiple extension tubes
  • Large brass and stainless brushes
  • Smooth and bristled heads
  • Fabric tools, angle brushes and more

With a 25-foot long power cord, you’ll never be stuck searching for outlets while steam cleaning. The MR1000 is built of sturdy commercial-grade steel with a powder-coat finish and rubber bumpers at the corners for protection. Heavy-duty wheels and raceway casters combine with tall upright handles to make movement a breeze, and lastly, an oversized wire storage basket makes it easy to work with maximum efficiency. There’s even a cup holder included for extra convenience, so staying focused on the job is that much easier.

Experience Exceptional Quality

Vapamore clearly takes the utmost pride in the craftsmanship of their products—that’s why each is backed by a lifetime warranty. In all likelihood, you’ll never have to think twice about it, because the MR1000 Forza is designed to stand up to the rigors of your workplace. Experience the sanitizing potential of steam cleaning technology yourself and see what a difference it can make.

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