Cleaning Household Stains With a Steam Cleaner

Did you host a lot of guests over the holidays or have a big Super Bowl party that left your home with some stains?  It is fun to host events at home but the stains on flooring, grout, or upholstery that sometimes accompany events are no fun at all.  Food stains can be very difficult to remove and adding cleaning products to the mix often only makes the problem worse.  Steam cleaning is the only way to clean and remove stains effectively and bonus – Vapamore steam cleaners do not use any chemicals.

Vapamore steam cleaners are incredibly powerful steam cleaners that heat water to such a high temperature that it produces steam which is then propelled rapidly through a nozzle to penetrate any stain and effectively and efficiently remove the stain.  Chemical cleaners can only address the surface of a stain but steam cleaners can penetrate any porous surface to deeply clean.  Vapamore’s steam vacuum then extracts the stain.  The best part about the high-powered steam is that because it is heated to such a high degree (higher than many store-bought steam cleaners can reach), the steam not only cleans but leaves behind a completely disinfected surface.

If you have a stain in your carpet, you will simply need your Vapamore steam cleaner and some of the attachments that come with it including the nylon brush and jet nozzle.  First, vacuum the area to ensure all dirt and debris have been removed so that they do not impact the quality of cleaning. After vacuuming, steam clean using the brush or jet nozzle and then use towels to blot the stain away.  If it is a tough stain you can use a chemical cleaner first and then use your steam cleaner.  You can also use your Vapamore steam cleaner for wall stains.  To clean wall stains, use your nylon brush attachment.  To clean your flooring, use your steam mop with the floor cleaning head.  If you are cleaning stained grout (a typically back-breaking, dreaded cleaning task) you can do so with ease by simply attaching the grout brush and/or jet nozzle.  Whether you are cleaning new stain or an old stain, Vapamore steam cleaners and vacuums are powerful, commercial-grade cleaning tools that will effectively clean porous and non-porous surfaces to deeply lift and remove stains and odors, leaving behind a clean and disinfected surface that looks as good as new.


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