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website pic   The Queen's newest favorite clean and green product is the Vapamore Steam Cleaning System! 

As most of you know I have not been impressed with steam cleaners. I have found them to be over priced for the work they did. For example $80.00 for one that did nothing more than clean floors and had to be refilled with water frequently and was inconvenient to use. It was just another machine to store and many of the steam cleaners were dangerous.

That was before I met the Vapamore®. This machine is designed and engineered in Italy by people who really knew what they were doing. It's the little yellow Cadillac of steam cleaners and it has a great price. What will it do? I'm glad you asked! It will clean and sanitize vinyl, stone tile, slate, ceramic and porcelain tile and grout. It will clean smooth surface concrete, and hardwoods. It will remove spots from carpet, clean registers, spot clean upholstery. It will clean Levolor, venetian, horizontal and vertical blinds, It also does windows and glass. In your kitchen it will clean stove tops, ovens, small appliances, sinks, faucets, drains, countertops of all kinds and cabinets. In the bathroom it will clean tile, grout, porcelain toilets, chrome fixtures, showers, tubs and shower doors and tracks. Then take it out to the garage and do the car interior and exterior. Other uses include yard equipment, tools, sports gear, outdoor furniture, it removes stickers and decals, kills dust mites and algae on deck and pools, deodorizes fabrics and steams your clothes. Let your imagination run wild!! Think outside the box, the Vapamore® bright yellow box! This machine has great tool storage and a wide assortment of tools to make it a valuable part of your deep cleaning schedule. Pull it out for all those tough jobs, I know you'll find, just like I did, that it is actually fun to use. The Vapamore® sells for $299.00, well worth the investment. Just read through it's uses one more time and you'll agree. Isn't it time you took the little yellow machine for a spin around your house?

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"While there are numerous steam cleaners on the market, the Vapamore is a versatile system that can clean a wide array of items with plenty of power."

If you want a deep sanitized clean in your house without the use of a single chemical cleaner, you'll want to take a look at the Vapamore MR-100 Vapor Steam Cleaner.  I ran a Vapamore through a variety of tough tests here in my own house, and I'm telling you they weren't easy tests!  If you want to hear the results, read on.  You'll find out whether or not steam cleaning with a Vapamore is right for you. The Vapamore comes with a large array of attachments that allow the user to steam clean many different surface types.  Grout, upholstery, auto detailing, bathtub cleaning, clothes steaming, floors, walls (even wallpaper removal), ceiling - you name it and they've got attachments that will work on it. In total, there are 17 different attachments to help you get cleaning.  The smaller attachments fit nicely into the front of the unit for storage. The attached hose is long and there's lots of electrical cord, so I found it pretty easy to scootch around with the unit as I cleaned.

If you haven't used a steam cleaner before, it's good to get an idea of how they work.  Steam cleaners simply use the power of steam from very hot water to remove dirt and sterilize.  The Vapamore actually uses vapor which is much finer than steam.  The unit heats the water to about 240 - 310º and emits a fine water vapor.  The vapor is surprisingly dry, so it has the ability to clean deep and dry quickly without soaking the heck out of an item.

So how well does it work?  I'll tell you about my individual tests.  I started with my kitchen floor which I thought may not be entirely fair testing ground since the linoleum is about 25 years old!  It's a cream color, and although I've tried numerous tactics to clean it (including chemicals from long before I knew better), yet it's always looked grungy.  One can't expect a steam cleaner to lay new linoleum beneath your feet - but one can expect a much deeper clean than even scrubbing on one's hands and knees with a scrub brush (yes, I've tried that numerous times too - ouch the back).  By using the floor attachments and moving slowly across the floor, I was able to remove most of what I've never been able to remove.  It's definitely a brighter, cleaner floor and I'm not so concerned about my son playing on it now.  And that floor is germ free!  My stovetop is equally germ free now too.  I'm a messy cook, so running the Vapamore over that surface loosened my mess and left the stove looking new again.

Moving to the bathroom, I decided to test the unit out on my bathtub - same 25-year-old deal.  Our tub is fiberglass and has all those tiny groovy things in the bottom for a non-slip surface during showering.  Not an easy surface to clean.  I had great luck with cleaning the tub.  It melted the soap buildup, removed grime from around the fixtures, and even unclogged the drain.  No dangerous chemicals dumped inside, no reaching into an icky drain with a hanger.  I just cranked up the heat and held the nozzle attachment inside the drain for about a minute.  It literally melted the junk to nothingness.

My bathroom floor is porcelain tile.  With any kind of steam cleaning, it's good to sweep, dust, wipe down the surfaces first before steaming.  So I swept up the floor first, and with the floor attachment I steamed the tiled surface.  Since steam cleaning doesn't require pushing and scrubbing (unless the surface is especially nasty), it wasn't very labor intensive.  I found that taking my time on the job instead and moving the unit slow and steady gave the best result, but I didn't need to push and scrub on the floors.

One of the biggest tests I did had to be my bird cages.  I have two lovely parrots who enjoy making a huge mess.  Their perches are often a disaster of caked up dried banana, bits of flung vegetables and rice, and - well, other unmentionable parrot byproducts.  Cleaning perches is one of my least favorite jobs.  Normally I have to scrub them in a tub with a wire brush after soaking them for an hour while my poor birds hop around perchless.  The end result still isn't a completely clean perch.  But with the Vapamore and the proper wire brush attachment, I cleaned those darned things in a fraction of the time!  Some of the stuff that I didn't get off in the 3 minutes I spent on the largest perch actually softened up and fell off while I waiting for the perch to dry out, resulting in a completely clean perch.  Cleaning their toys and other items was fantastic.  It's important with pets and children to sterilize certain items, and if you try to avoid chemical cleaners as we all should, then the Vapamore is a thorough way to go.  When you're done cleaning, everything ends up sterilized and ready to be used once again.

Overall, I'd say a Vapamore is worth the investment if you like getting things deep cleaned beyond just what you see. For parents with children who have allergies or special health needs, this unit could be of real benefit for getting further than what a cleaning product can do.  And since chemical-laden cleaners can heighten allergies, asthma and health problems in general, besides being harmful to the environment, you'll be doing your entire family - and your planet - a big favor by using a Vapamore.

How to Get Stains Out of Carpet Naturally with Vapamore MR-50

If you need to know how to get stains out of your carpet naturally, you've come to the right place, because I've recently tested the Vapamore MR-50 Portable Wet / Dry Steamvac. I have a child. And four pets. And white carpet… so I'm the perfect testing ground. When I was first asked to test the Vapamore MR-50, I thought, "Well, alright. But you don't know my carpet." Since the unit can also clean and sanitize things other than carpet, I figured it wouldn't be a total loss if I couldn't remove carpet stains. On top of that, I figured I wasn't being fair to it, testing it firstly on an old stain right in the entryway where my son had spilled dark chocolate goop on the white berber. I can see that area of carpet from where I sit now; but I don't see a stain. It's totally "Vapamorized."

The unit is simple, lightweight, and takes up very little space. It's like a hand vacuum, but it has a water tank and steam mechanism. To remove the stain, I added water to the tank, waited about 20 seconds for it to heat, and with the provided brush attachment, I went over the area and watched the stain disappear. With just water. Afterwards, I flipped the switch and the unit sucked the water back out of the carpet, along with the dirt and old grime. Easy!

I've been able to use the Vapamore as a regular handheld vacuum, too. It's quite convenient to have around. And since it can sanitize, that means I can do some deep cleaning on that kitchen floor, which for some reason, my son has found to be an irresistible spot to play with his cars. I use it often because cleaning it out is easy and much quicker than dealing with a regular vacuum.

If you have allergies or asthma in your family, then you're probably used to scrounging around for safe household cleaners, since these are major triggers of upper respiratory issues. The Vapamore uses water and only water for its cleaning, so you won't have to worry about unhealthy cleaning products. Overall, this really is a great product, and one I wholeheartedly recommend. When you're trying to figure out how to get stains out of your carpet, and you want to do it naturally, you really can't go wrong with the Vapamore MR-50 – a worthy investment.

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Vapamore Steam Cleaning System Review: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution.

Using a steam cleaner is an effective way to lift dirt without using harsh or toxic chemical cleaners. Recently I was sent the Vapamore Steam Cleaning System and excitedly began experimenting with the different ways I could use a steam cleaner in my home. I use earth friendly cleaners or make my own but there are those hard to reach spots that collect dirt and grime that make a person think of using harsher not so Eco-friendly cleaners. Luckily, the Vapamore was effective. My grout and tile is clean as a whistle without using chemical cleaners. I can use the Vapamore for everyday cleaning of my floors, carpet and windows and with the multiple attachments and tips for cleaning, sky's the limit! It's light, easy to store and use and extremely cost effective.

Previously I reviewed the Vapamore Steam Cleaning System and since this review I have used the steam cleaning system several times.

I thought it was necessary to demonstrate the effectiveness of this cleaner for stain removal, steam cleaning of floors and show readers just how great steam works. The Vapamore heats to 250 degrees but is adjustable. I use it to clean stains on my carpet and to clean my wood floor weekly.I demonstrate in the video just how easy it is to use, light to move around, the child safety lock for safe use and how the dirt is picked up. No chemical cleaners needed so a true green clean. Hopefully if you're looking for an alternative to chemical cleaners and need more information on steam cleaning this will help you make your decision.

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"The Vapamore steam cleaners produce a whole lot more steam. From research, I've learned that it actually stays hotter as well when compared. At a steady 250 degrees average, thats a lot of heat in the vapor. "

So let's talk about a deep, satisfactory household cleaning product called a vapor steam cleaner, Vapamore. If anyone reading this blog knows anything about me, I like to save money and I like simplicity. So having to pick up lots of different cleaners to clean different surfaces is a drain on a wallet and certainly isn't simple. You have to review each bottle just to make sure you aren't putting the wrong chemical on the wrong surface. That's where steam cleaners may come in handy. If you have the right kind of steam cleaner it'll clean many surfaces with just water.Vapamore's innovative vapor cleaners do what steam cleaners do. Heats water, pressurizes it so it comes out in a steady flowing jet. The Vapamore steam cleaners produce a whole lot more steam. From research, I've learned that it actually stays hotter as well when compared. At a steady 250 degrees average, thats a lot of heat in the vapor. The heat is a big point to make, because the temperature of the steam is a huge requirement when it comes to steam cleaning in this way. What I Love: Multiple uses makes this steam cleaner better than the upright, floor-only models. It's safe to use directly on carpets and tile and other surfaces. (You know to always test out areas before doing an entire floor, yes?) The price is reasonable for a quality machine. I heard about a $1000 model that didn't work out so well as the Vapamore. One of the vapor cleaners are less than half that price. Around $300 is a great price for a very reliable steam cleaner. My vote is, save your money, but pay for quality. In the long run, you'll save loads of money on cleaning products and supplies just by using this unit. This one has a lot attachments that come with it. There are options to adjust this to an upright, while after attaching brushes and other items to tackle the smaller spaces and upright areas. And it cleans well. Sugary soda mess on the floor and dried, stains in the carpet and tile are all no match for Vapamore. This is from experience with this vapor steam cleaner and reading other cleaner reviews online about this one. Expensive Persian Carpet Cleaning I particularly found this useful in the bathroom, around all the gunk that gets into the tub. I hate using chemicals in there as little kids end up washing in that. I also took it over to the Cajun's mom's house for her to try. She has a lot of tile in the bathrooms and in the kitchen. I let her use it on her own, and after following the instructions, she was up and running in a very short amount of time. She says she loves it and it cleans very well, carpet and everything. She trusts her expensive Persian carpets to be cleaned with this! So flip the switch, let the water heat up, and pow. A few swipes and I was done. I'm impressed. I can't describe it any better because it was that quick and that simple. No smells and no having to get my gloves to use from chemicals. You know that super clean smell of bleach and cleaners we used to associate with clean? It's not clean. It's a chemical smell you aren't supposed to breath in! Clean can be clean without smells. Wish List: Retractable, longer extension cord would be ideal for this, as I've got a decent sized house with lots of bathroom space. I may add on an extension cord at the end of this to keep with it. It's a minor wish but just my own desire. I may just have the house that has those weird hallways and walls in it. And before I even used it, I was pouring water into it. Just a couple of cups worth and it was done. I thought for sure I'd have to refill it so I added to my notes about a bigger tank for water. However, I never ran out of water while I was cleaning my house. If your house is huge, obviously it may take a refill, but my two bedroom house (and the Cajun's mom's house) was cleaned using just the one fill up. I had to remember that this was a vapor cleaner. Vapor cleaners and what we know of as 'steam cleaners' are completely different. Just a note, steam cleaners are often ‘water cleaners‘ as they use water measurements as gallons of water per second. These are those carpet cleaners you find stacked near the front door of the grocery store. They use hot water and chemicals. The Vapamore is much, much different. Vapor and true steam cleaners like this, meant almost all surfaces, measure their volume in quarts per second. There is a lot to be said for traditional carpet water cleaners, but you still have to add chemicals, as the water isn't heated as much, and it isn't pressurized. It soaks a carpet, and then tries to suck up the wetness as much as possible. Vapor cleaners work by heating water to a high temperature, and then lets the water and high temperature do the cleaning. As far as vapor steam cleaner reviews go, maybe this is being generous, but having dealt with other steam cleaners while working in hotels in the past, I would have loved to use this instead of scrubbing shower doors for grime and soap scum. I very much would like to thank Vapamore for sending me a cleaner to try out. website pic5 Vapamore Steam Vapor Cleaner: Eco Friendly Cleaning I am new to steamers and this is my first experience with one.  Being able to effectively clean surfaces without chemicals is a wonderful (if not obvious) concept and I got very excited to try this Vapamore.  The steam sanitizes and melts off the dirt with very little effort. You just put water in the stainless steel container (using the included measuring cup), wait about ten minutes, and you're ready to go for about 50 minutes.  I've tried it on my bamboo floors, the bathroom floors, mirrors, shower, and upholstery and it worked great.  I also tried it on a couple of carpet stains and they came right up. It's very very easy to use and a wonderful solution for people who want their house squeaky clean and green. I would not use this around children or pets as the steam is very hot and the cute little bumble bee look is sure to attract curiosity.  It comes with several attachments for pretty much any job you can think of which are stowed on the machine.    There's a handle so you can carry it easily up stairs or to other rooms and the cord coils around the back.  Steam kills bacteria and dust mites--great for everyone but especially those will allergies.   I like the versatility of the canister as well.  A  steam cleaner is a great addition to the eco friendly household. avap.jpg This looks like a hand vac, and it is.  But that's not all--it's a steamer too.  This is exciting to me because it's a wonderful way to do chemical free cleaning without having to drag out the big steamer.  As far as I know, the new Vapamore MR-50 is the only portable wet-dry vac out there and it's a really handy thing to have.  This works great on furniture for when your kid spills a drink or for general cleaning.  I think it's a great idea to periodically steam your upholstered furniture to keep allergens and germs at bay, and you can use this on your bed too. If you have pets, this is a quick and easy way to take care of messes. I love that it is so lightweight and easy to manage.  The steam starts working in seconds so there's no wait and you have the option of wet steam or dry steam.  Steam does a much better job than chemicals without harming your health or