Win the Battle Against Kitchen Grease with Steam Cleaning

Kitchen grease – it is the gross substance left over from cooking a meal that linger and clings to everything in close proximity.  Whether you work in a commercial kitchen or are a home cook preparing meals for your family, kitchen grease happens.  It may be slow and steady or fast and furious but one way or another, it will be there because there is simply no avoiding it.  It will be on your range hood, kitchen cabinets, and anything else anywhere near your kitchen stove.  If you have ever tried to wipe away kitchen grease, you know it is no easy task.  And chemical-filled cleaning products are not always ideal near cooking areas and food preparation surfaces because those chemicals can get transferred to the food you eat.  Further, that grease doesn’t just land on easy to clean surfaces, it flutters and flies around, into tiny crevices that are exceptionally hard to clean.  There is one proven-to-work solution that is better than any chemical cleaning product available, steam cleaning.

There is a multitude of steam cleaning devices available on the market but not all have the same ability and power.  Many steam cleaners that you can purchase at the big box store do not heat water as hot as needed, or propel it at enough velocity to truly clean and disinfect the way a powerful steam cleaner can.  Commercial-grade steam cleaners, such as those produced by Vapamore, heat water to an incredibly high degree (over 200 degrees Fahrenheit) and propel it strongly to permeate even the tiniest of crevices and porous surfaces so that the steam can lift and remove grease, leaving behind a clean and disinfected surface.  Not only is it more effective, but as we mentioned above, it is the eco-friendly choice.  Harsh chemicals are bad for the environment and bad for you.  When you clean a kitchen area with chemical cleaner you breathe in those chemicals and a chemical residue, or biofilm, is left on the surface you have cleaned.  Those chemicals can then be inadvertently transferred to the food you eat and share with others.  Those chemicals have been heavily linked to a wide variety of health concerns such as asthma, cancer, allergies, and more.  Further, steam cleaning is a quick and effective means of cleaning.  You simply move from surface to surface with the same steam cleaner quickly cleaning and disinfecting.  With water or other products you might have to wait for things to dry but steam cleans and dries very quickly.  While grease would have to be scrubbed away with just about any other means of cleaning, steam immediately dissolves grease upon impact and instantly leaves behind a clean surface so cleaning will require a lot less elbow grease!  When it comes to cleaning kitchen grease, steam cleaning is the clear winner!

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