Why Steam is the Best Degreaser

Whether you work with cars in a mechanic shop, food in a kitchen, on a boat, with heavy machinery or much more, you have seen your fair share of grease.  Working with big machinery or appliances means not only enjoying all that they have to offer but also maintaining them so that they can function properly.  Grease may be inevitable but that does not mean that it has to be a dirty eyesore or create problems.  Cleaning grease has long been the source of much frustration because of how difficult it can be to remove it.  It seems like no amount of chemicals or scrubbing will get the job done right.  And, the chemicals introduced to the machinery or appliances may cause more problems than they solve so they are usually not the ideal choice for cleaning grease.  So, what is best way to clean grease and allow machinery or appliances to not only look nice but run more effectively?  Steam!

How does steam effectively and efficiently remove grease from both large and small machinery and appliances?  Water is heated in the steam cleaner, typically to temperatures above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, and then the steam is propelled through a nozzle that can clean grease better than any other alternative.  Steam can penetrate even porous surfaces to help get in deep for better cleaning and lift grease off of just about anything.  Whether grease is on the exterior of machinery or appliances, or is stuck in gears, on hoses, in difficult to reach places or more, grease can get in there and get the job done.  Just because a piece of machinery or an appliance is large does not mean it does not have a lot of very small parts.  Steam can handle the largest of projects and the smallest of projects with the same level of effectiveness. Utilizing steam instead of chemical filled cleaning products is a much more environmentally friendly and safe way to clean degrease.  Additionally, chemical filled cleaners can sometimes strip finishes and paints off of machinery or appliances such as cars, boats and more.  To keep your machinery and appliances looking their best, use steam for cleaning which is safe for paint finishes.  While steam degreases it also sanitizes so if you are working with equipment used to prepare or cook food in any way it will not only remove that unsightly grease but make it safe for food preparation.  Steam cleaning truly is the ideal way to clean all machinery and appliances because it sanitizes and removes grease better than any chemical cleaning product available.

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