Why Steam Cleaning is Best for Jewelry

Your jewelry was probably shiny and gorgeous when you first got it.  If there were stones in the jewelry they probably shimmered in the light.  If those days have long gone and you are left with dull, lackluster jewelry you do not have to simply put it away in the jewelry box forever.  There are many jewelry cleaning solutions available for purchase but they are not meant to be used on all jewelry and in the end they do not really do a very good job.  You could also take your jewelry to be professionally cleaned but that can be costly, time consuming and just an all around hassle.  One of the best and most safe methods for cleaning jewelry is steam cleaning.

Steam cleaning is one of the most safe and effective methods of cleaning jewelry because it does not use any harsh chemicals or solutions that could possibly damage jewelry.  And, in addition to the risk of damaging jewelry you may then put that piece of jewelry on which means you are putting those harsh chemicals directly on your skin.  Most people are trying to eliminate chemicals from inside their home wherever possible and by steam cleaning your jewelry you are just extending a more safe and natural cleaning method throughout your home and life.  Most jewelry can be steam cleaned without risk of damage but it is always a good idea to check with the manufacturer before steam cleaning.  Pearls, semi-precious stones and opals should not be steam cleaned but diamonds, sapphires and rubies can safely be cleaned using steam.  Steam is pressurized and focused on the jewelry to blast away dirt, grime, and oils to reveal a shining and clean piece of jewelry that looks brand new.  When you invest in a steam cleaner you can clean your whole home, your vehicle and yes, even your jewelry.  It is the investment that keeps paying for itself because steam cleaning is a safe and incredibly effective method of cleaning that does not use any chemicals.  Rather than purchasing a jewelry steam cleaner that only has one purpose, you could purchase a Vapamore steam cleaner that can move from room to room cleaning and disinfecting every surface and then you can clean your jewelry when you are done.  It is truly an all-around cleaning machine.  Professional jewelers use steam to clean and now you can have the power of steam right in your own home.

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