Use a Steam Cleaner to Remove Vinyl Graphics Safely and Easily


If you have wondered just how many uses there are for a steam cleaner, the answer seems to be ‘endless.’  A steam cleaner is, hands down, the safest and most effect give tool for cleaning and disinfection.  We have discussed that extensively in a multitude of blogs.  But, that is far from the only use for a steam cleaner.  A steam cleaner can be an exceptionally powerful yet very safe tool for removing things that are ‘stuck on’ to just about anything.  From removing to flooring adhesives to gum on sidewalks, a steam cleaner is safe and effective.  And, our wonderful clients love it for removing things that are suck on because it will not damage or stain the surface from which you are removing things that are stuck on.  In fact, it may actually lift and remove stains from the adhesives or gum.  In addition to flooring adhesive and gum, your steam cleaner can be used to remove vinyl graphics.

This is particularly exciting for the sign or graphic application industry.  Typically, the individual that is removing the vinyl graphics is exposed to harsh and toxic chemicals.  Removing vinyl graphics without causing damage to the graphics or to the surface to which they are adhered is no simple task.  But, with a steam cleaner, it is.  And, even better, there are no chemicals involved so it is better for the individual doing the work and better for the environment.

Vapamore steam cleaners heat water to temperatures in excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and when water is heated to such a high heat it produces steam that is very powerful and can even disinfect up to 99% of bacteria.  The steam is then propelled through a nozzle for precise and effective work.  Vapamore steam cleaners do not use a single chemical but when the steam they produce is pointed at the vinyl graphic, it simply softens the vinyl and adhesives and any other bonding treatments.  Once softened, it makes it easy to simply lift and remove the vinyl graphics.  It is not only very effective for vinyl graphic removal but it is also almost always possible to preserve the graphic being removed if desired (which is nearly impossible with other vinyl graphic removal methods) – it may just require some patience.  When you invest in a Vapamore steam cleaner, you get the steam cleaner as well as all of the attachments you need to tackle any cleaning task or any adhesive removal task that may come your way.

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