Use a Steam Cleaner to Flooring Adhesive Residue

When you are installing new flooring you usually have to rip up the previous flooring first.  But, as any homeowner or contractor who has done this before knows – it is no easy task.  It may seem easy at first but soon you realize that all of the adhesive used to hold the flooring to the sub flooring is still stuck.  That adhesive usually doesn’t just lift right up.  Nobody wants to spend painstaking hours scraping and applying harsh, chemical-filled solvents that may or may not remove the adhesive. But, unfortunately, starting with a smooth, clean surface is a critical step to properly installing new flooring.  Without doing so, the bond between the new flooring and the sub flooring may be subpar and could lead to problems with your new flooring down the road.

While there are certainly a myriad of products for “stripping” or “removing” old carpet, linoleum, tile, or wood floor glue, the fact of the matter is that they are either incredibly harsh and dangerous or ineffective. But, while old fashioned scraping may be the most effective way to remove old adhesive when compared with chemical strippers, it is not the only option.  An incredibly effective alternative to manual removal and chemical removal is a steam cleaner.  The same household cleaner and disinfection tool can be used to remove old flooring adhesive.  Not only is it far safer than chemical cleaners (because it uses no chemicals at all!) but it is also a much easier method than manual scraping.

Not all steam cleaners are capable of such powerful adhesive removal but when you invest in a high-powered, commercial-grade steam cleaner lie a Vapamore steam cleaner, no cleaning task is a match for the outstanding strength of steam.  Vapamore steam cleaners use only water but heat it to an incredibly high degree to produce powerful steam that can clean and disinfect.  Additionally, Vapamore products propel that steam through nozzles at a high velocity and it is that power that can lift and easily remove old adhesives and glue.  The incredibly hot steam is simply propelled using the nozzle directly at the glue.  The heat and steam loosens the adhesive and lifts it away from the flooring.  Steam is able to do this because it can penetrate even the tiniest of crevices which means it will find any crevice and help to lift the adhesive.  Once you have heated the adhesive or glue just scrape to easily and cleanly remove it – problem solved!

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