The Vapamore MR-50 Is the Ultimate Hybrid Steam Cleaner & Vacuum

At Vapamore, we have a full suite of products to meet the various needs of any of our customers.  While we make exceptional steam vacuums, steam cleaners and commercial-grade cleaning products, we also know that often our customers need a simple, handheld way to deal with things like spills, pet stains, spots and odors on a day-to-day basis and that is why we created the MR-50 Steam –Vac Combo.   This unique hybrid fuses the power of steam cleaning with the ability to vacuum, all in one lightweight handheld machine.  Rather than use a multitude of chemical-filled cleaning products as you move from room to room, cleaning and disinfecting, you can use one simple product that is only powered by water, to swiftly handle any of your cleaning needs in any room. Whatever your cleaning need is – carpeting, upholstery, furniture or more – the MR-50 can easily tackle it.

Panic and worry about spills is no longer necessary because this hybrid superpower cleans spills instantly with high temperature steam (210˚ steam).  The high temperature steam produces is 100% free of any harsh chemicals which protects your family and pets from potential side effects of using chemical cleaners.  Further, bacteria and allergens dust mites, mold, and mildew are eliminated, leaving behind a far healthier place to be by reducing or stopping the spread of infection.  When using the MR-50, the vacuum mode is used to clean wet spills such as pet urine instantly, or to vacuum dry debris such as cat litter spills on hard surfaces, carpeting or upholstery.  Additionally, the two steam modes provide wet or dry hot steam on demand to prevent pet or other stains and odors from setting in and causing permanent damage.  And astonishingly, even set in stains, spots or odors can be cleaned by the MR-50.   TheVapamore MR-50 is the first portable wet/dry vacuum and steam cleaner hybrid of its kind, a truly state-of-the-art cleaning machine.  Its very existence elevates steam cleaner technology to the height of innovation and its amazing features are available to you, the customer.  Individual steam cleaners or steam vacuums that are not hybrid may be ideal for certain cleaning jobs or for commercial applications but for someone looking for all of the best feature, rolled into one easy-to-use appliance, they need not look further than the Vapamore MR-50. While it is compact, it has a 1300 Watt water heater, bringing the same power and superior cleaning ability for which Vapamore products are well-known.  It is ideal for everyday cleaning around the home or in automobiles.

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