The MR-50 Is a Powerful Pet Stain Removal Tool

We all love our pets but we certainly do not love stains and odors they leave when they have an accident in the home. If you have ever attempted to clean pet stains you know that they are exceptionally hard to clean and often there are lingering odors even with the best attempts at cleaning. When you have pet stains you want to be able to quickly and easily clean them before they set in and if they are already set, you want to easily and effectively be able to remove them. The eccentric and inventive designers at Vapamore knew that which is why they invented the Vapamore MR-50, a unique hybrid that fuses the power of steam cleaning with the ability to vacuum, all in one handheld machine.

The MR-50 is masterful at cleaning spills, spots, pet stains and odors from carpeting, upholstery and furniture because it has two separate operating modes built into one easy to use appliance. Rather than piling chemicals onto a stain, adding insult to injury in an attempt to clean, why not use steam which is 100% chemical-free which protects your family and pets from harmful components, as well as the bacteria and allergens that live in old stains and spills. As the first portable wet/dry vacuum, the MR-50 elevates steam cleaning technology to the height of innovation and completely reinvents pet stain and odor removal. The vacuum mode is used to clean wet spills, such as pet urine, in an instant. Further, the vacuum is capable of removing dry debris such as cat litter spills on hard surfaces, carpeting and upholstery. Also, the two steam modes provide wet or dry hot steam on demand to prevent pet or other related stains and odors from setting in to carpeting, upholstery or any hard surface. For example, for wet spills such as dog or cat urine, extract the spill using the vacuum mode. Use the smooth surface squeegee attachment by inserting it into the mouth of the MR-50 Steam-Vac. Use the dry or wet steam mode along with the nylon brush to saturate, sanitize and remove the spill or stained area. Also, use the nylon brush attachment to aid in agitating the spill or stained area by inserting it into the mouth of the MR-50. Further, extract the spill or stained area using the vacuum mode until the spill or stain has been removed. For tough set in stains, repeat the process until the stain has been lifted. There is truly nothing else like the MR-50 on the market, capable of such powerful cleaning in an easy, lightweight, portable machine. And, while cleaning up fresh pet stains is ideal, the MR-50 can also remove set in stains, spots and odors with its incredibly powerful capabilities.

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