Stop The Spread of Illness In Schools With Steam Cleaners

If you have ever attended school, had a child that attends school, or been a school teacher or administrator (so basically – everyone), you know that it is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.  It is not for lack of trying, schools do work hard to disinfect and prevent the spread of illness but, alas, the spread persists.  Not only are chemical cleaning products not cutting it, but they also pose their own risk to our children because of the harsh chemicals that they contain.  Those chemicals have been on list after list of dangerous chemicals that may potentially cause all sorts of health problems including asthma and even cancer.  When every surface is disinfected with chemical cleaning products, they leave a residue behind and as children play, or eat, or learn, they may be absorbing those chemicals.  Parents and school administrators may be wonder what the solution is and, fortunately, at Vapamore, we know that the solution is the use of steam cleaners.

We produce a variety of professional-grade steam cleaners that are capable of heating water to a much higher temperature than many other steam cleaners you might find at big box stores.  Because of this, Vapamore steam cleaning products not only clean but disinfect 99% of bacteria which can help stop the spread of disease and infection in its tracks.  The National Education Association explains how steam cleaning is an ideal cleaning solution for schools, “Using certain tools such as microfiber mops and cloths, high efficiency filtration vacuums and steam cleaning machines can help make cleaning more effective. A thorough, ongoing cleaning program is very important in controlling the spread of infection in schools… If permitted, schools may consider equipment options that use steam and water-based technology to disinfect. ”  While, to clean an entire school and it’s variety of surfaces, might require a whole host of chemical cleaning products, one steam cleaner can clean all the surfaces of a school, providing exceptional disinfection.  With our product line, you can clean school’s carpet, drapery, desks, work surfaces/countertops, pet cages, athletic equipment, bathrooms, kitchens, science labs, playground equipment and so much more.  The steam cleaner is the ultimate tool of versatility when it comes to cleaning and disinfection which is why it is the ideal tool for any school’s cleaning arsenal.  Further, it is budget friendly, which any school can appreciate.  Once you have invested in one of our high quality steam cleaners all you need is water.  While chemical cleaning products will get used quickly and then necessitate replacement which is costly, steam cleaners simply need water and the machine does the rest!  When it comes to cleaning schools, every attention to detail should be paid to prevent the spread of illness and disease and steam cleaners can do so with ease of use and extreme effectiveness.

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