Stop Allergies In Their Tracks with Steam

While for some, allergies may be simply a nuisance, for others, they can deeply impact everyday life.  There is a sliding scale of allergy sufferers but, no whether you suffer from the occasional stuffy nose and watery eyes or you can barely function, allergies are annoying, frustrating and uncomfortable.  Millions of allergy sufferers try every option in an attempt to eliminate or reduce allergies to a manageable level.  From special air filters to prescription medications, there are a wide variety of ways to mitigate allergies.  But, rather than trying to moderately reduce them or mask the symptoms with medication, why not stop them in their tracks?  Chemical cleaning products cannot do it, but steam cleaners can!  Dust mites, mold, common air pollutants, and other allergy triggers are no match for the strength of steam cleaning.

Chemical cleaners and disinfectants may be able to reduce allergens in the home, but not as powerfully as steam cleaning with a high powered steam cleaner can.  Further, chemical cleaners leave behind a chemical residue, or biofilm, that can actually exacerbate allergy symptoms.  Everyday Health explains how cleaning products can trigger allergy problems, “Here’s an allergy catch-22 for you: Using the wrong cleaning products to minimize allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and mold can actually make your allergy symptoms worse.But don’t worry, there are things you can do to cut your exposure to cleaning products that may trigger your allergies – and still end up with a sparkling-clean home.While you should be careful with any cleaning product, “Avoid anything that has strong noxious odors, such as ammonia, and products that produce particulates, including air fresheners and ozone generators,” says James L. Sublett, MD. Dr. Sublett is managing partner of Family Allergy and Asthma in Louisville, Kentucky.Cross aerosol spray cleaners off your shopping list. Not only can they trigger allergy symptoms, but one study also found that weekly use of cleaning sprays was linked to increases in rates of asthma, asthma-medication use, and wheezing. Even more frequent use of these cleaners was associated with greater risk.”  Steam cleaning solves this problem with ease because it does not use any chemicals in cleaning, only water.  Vapamore’s high-end steam cleaners heat water to a very high temperature and propel it strongly through a nozzle so that it is capable of not only cleaning but disinfecting – eliminating those pesky dust mites, mold and other allergen triggers.  Additionally, steam cleaners can be used on a far wider variety of surfaces than chemical cleaners.  They can be used in every room, on hard surfaces, porous surfaces, upholstery, flooring, showers, toilets, tapestry and more.  You can easily move from room to room, blasting away pesky allergens without risking triggering your allergy symptoms like chemical cleaning products do.  Don’t fight your way through the pain and discomfort of allergies when you can reduce or eliminate allergen triggers, making your home or workplace a far more comfortable place to be.

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