Steam Gets Commercial & Restaurant Kitchens Clean

Dining out can be a wonderful experience with delicious food prepared in a professional kitchen by a trained chef.  Restaurant patrons expect their food to be cooked in a clean kitchen, regardless of the size or style of restaurant.  Keeping a clean kitchen is incredibly important for many reasons.  First, every workplace should be clean, regardless of what the type of work is.  Restaurant and kitchen staff will work better in a clean kitchen than in a dirty kitchen.  Additionally, keeping a kitchen cleaned and disinfected will help reduce the risk of spreading food borne illnesses.  But, kitchens are hot, messy, busy places that can be difficult to keep clean, especially on a daily basis.  For this reason, owning a professional, high-quality steam cleaning is the ideal solution to keeping commercial and restaurant kitchens clean and disinfected.

Food should be prepared on a clean, disinfected surface, but that does not mean that chemical cleaning products should be used on those surfaces.  Chemical cleaning products leave a chemical residue that can be transferred to anything that touches that surface.  Whether it is skin or food, it will absorb that chemical residue.  Many of those chemicals have been proven to have a link to various health problems, including cancer.  Additionally, those chemical residues could change the taste of prepared food which no commercial kitchen or restaurant would want.  Food splatters and grease gets dispersed throughout a kitchen, onto every surface.  To properly clean a kitchen, all surfaces, high and low, must be fully cleaned.  So, what is a fast, effective solution to keeping a commercial or restaurant kitchen clean, disinfected and chemical free?  Steam.  Steam cleaners can rapidly go over every surface in a kitchen, getting into even the tiniest crevices or porous surfaces and swiftly lift and remove dirt, grease, grime, bacteria and more.  Even caked on grease and food particles can be gently but effectively lifted and removed from surfaces.  Stoves, grills, range hoods, sinks, refrigerators, counters, ovens, prep areas, storage areas, pantries, slicers, scales, racks and more can all be cleaned with a powerful steam cleaner. This prevents the spread of disease as well as other things like rodents and bugs from being attracted to your commercial or restaurant kitchen.  A professional portable steam cleaner can also be moved around to not only clean the kitchen but the bar or other areas of a restaurant, providing true cleaning versatility.  A steam cleaner is an incredibly useful investment for any commercial or restaurant kitchen because it can literally be used for floor to ceiling cleaning and disinfection.

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