Steam Cleaning Wine Barrels

When you open a bottle of good wine the first thing you are thinking of is probably not steam cleaning.  But, for winery operators and owners, they know that properly cleaning their barrels is an integral part of producing good wine.  Keeping oak barrels clean is incredibly important because they are a major investment for any winery.  When barrels are properly cleaned and maintained they will last far longer, maximizing the investment.  There are a few options when it comes to cleaning wine barrels but the best option by far is steam cleaning.  As you might imagine, proper cleaning is a significant priority to winery owners and managers because without proper cleaning the wine produced may not be safe for consumers to drink – resulting in wasted time and even worse – wasted wine.

Using a steam cleaner to clean a wine barrel is a grease idea because steam can penetrate even tiny pores of the wood so it can get a wine barrel more clean than many other cleaning methods.  Vapamore steam cleaners heat water to such a high degree that steam capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria is produced.  Then, that steam is propelled through a nozzle to provide outstanding cleaning and disinfection. Not only is steam cleaning fast and effective but it also rehydrates the wine barrel wood.  The wine making process produces what are known as ‘tartrate crystals.’ This is perfectly normal but they must be cleaned from the wine barrel before the barrel can be used again to produce more wine.  Other cleaning methods might necessitate scrubbing because tartrates tend to cling to the walls of barrels and tanks but steam cleaning will penetrate underneath the crystals and effortlessly remove them.  Because wineries often have hundreds of wine barrels, cleaning efficiency is very important.  Steam cleaning is fast and efficient and uses only water to clean and disinfect.  Investing in a steam cleaner for barrel cleaning will also offer you more cleaning options around the winery.  You can clean and sanitize any stainless steel tanks, preparation areas, wine making equipment, packaging lines, bottling lines, etc.  Steam cleaning is a safe cleaning method for all areas of your wine making and bottling areas, ensuring that no equipment is damaged, wine barrels last longer, and the best tasting wine is produced at all times.


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