Steam Cleaning Playground Equipment

We all know just how dirty and germ-covered a child can be.  And, when you put kids at a public playground, school playground, or daycare playground, the germs are bound to spread – and quickly.  Sneezing, coughing, spitting, drooling, and just touching the equipment with their already dirty hands gets the playground equipment dirty and if children play frequently on the playground they are at an increased risk of spreading illness just by playing and touching the same equipment.  The idea of frequently cleaning playground equipment may sound exceptionally tedious, time-consuming and just not possible depending on how busy you are.  But, it does not have to be that way.  And, nobody wants to use harsh and harmful chemicals where children play.  But, it can be fast, efficient, and safe to clean playground equipment if you use a steam cleaner. 

If you are a facility manager, teacher, daycare worker, or other administrator responsible for keeping your facility’s playground clean, you need something that will work quickly, be budget-friendly, be effective, and be safe to use around children. A steam cleaner uses only water so you never have to worry about harsh chemical residue being left behind where you clean.  And, when you invest in a steam cleaner you only need one tool to tackle all of your cleaning tasks so you do not need to drag a bucket full of expensive cleaning products and tools to the playground, you only need a steam cleaner filled with water. That means you also do not need to worry about constantly replacing expensive cleaning products as you run out.

A steam cleaner can penetrate tiny surfaces and disinfect up to 99% of bacteria so it is not just quick and efficient, it is extraordinary powerful.  Vapamore steam cleaners come with a variety of attachments to make cleaning any area easy.  Further, because you are properly maintaining playground equipment it will last much longer and look good for much longer.  And, because it is so fast it is easy to use the steam cleaner as frequently as needed every day or even multiple times per day.  Don’t let infection and illness spread unnecessarily when you have the power of steam cleaning to keep playground equipment clean.

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