Steam Cleaning is Ideal for Gum Removal

We have all stepped on a discarded piece of gum, or put our hand under a table only to find an old piece of gum that somebody stuck on who knows how long ago.  People chew their gum and tend to discard it wherever it is convenient for them and that could be just about anywhere.  The problem is that discarded gum can damage property, furniture, clothing and more and let’s face it – it’s gross.  If you are a operate a business, school, or public space that people frequent there are many reasons we could tell you to use steam for cleaning but one benefit people often overlook is the advantages of using your steam cleaner for gum removal.  Gum is hard to remove, whether sticky or dry and its particularly difficult to remove when trying to damaging property, furniture or clothing.  Steam is the perfect solution because steam penetrates deeply, lifts dirt, grime and goo away from the surface gently, disinfects and leaves a clean surface behind.

Steam may sound like it only works on small applications but, as CNN recently, reported, when it came time to remove decades worth of gum off of Seattle’s famous gum wall cleaners did not choose chemical cleaners or tools to scrape the wall, they opted to use steam for gum removal because it is the most effective and efficient cleaning solution, “It’s the first time in two decades that the market’s gum wall and Post Alley have received a deep cleaning. An estimated 1 million pieces of chewed gum will be removed. Clad in rain gear, gloves and rubber boots, the workers are using industrial steam cleaners to shoot out a gallon of 260˚ water per minute. Gum and water are flowing out of the alley, where a collection system is catching gum and trash before the water flows into a storm drain.”  While an industrial steam cleaner was used to remove massive quantities of gum, Vapamore’s commercial steam cleaners are an ideal cleaning solution for the homeowner or business owner looking to have a top-to-bottom cleaning method that can attack every aspect of cleaning with gusto, including gum removal.  Keep your business or school looking its best, without damaging property or clothing, through the incredibly effective method of steam cleaning.  Additionally, when gum is smashed, ground or stuck on a surface it has the potential to leave behind a stain or residue but steam is capable of penetrating a surface’s pores to clean deeply and lift residue up and out, reducing stains or residual residue.  Steam cleaning also will not leave behind a chemical residue because it simply uses water heated to a high temperature.  This means that steam is the eco-friendly cleaning option and will actually save the owner money because they will not need to constantly replenish cleaning supplies.  For a better, far more effective cleaning solution for gum removal, opt for steam to keep your business, school or home looking its best while effectively removing gum without damaging property or clothing.


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