Steam Cleaning in Animal Shelters

There is no debating it – animal shelters do noble work.  They take in pets, care for them, give them the medical attention they need and help them find loving and safe “forever” homes.  But, keeping an animal care facility clean and safe can be challenging.  This is especially true for animal shelters because they care for pets from unknown origins that may have a variety of illness or ailments.  Everything from animal medical care rooms, to grooming stations, to boarding rooms and crates have to be cleaned frequently and well.  Proper cleaning can be challenging on its own, but sanitation is the key to preventing the spread of disease and illness.

Many of the things necessary to care for pets, as well as the facilities themselves, may have porous surfaces, or small crevices and compartments in which it is difficult to clean.  Getting everything fully cleaning is practically impossible with basic chemical cleaning products.  Chemical cleaning products can only get so far into small nooks and crannies and it cannot penetrate porous surfaces completely.  Steam, however, can penetrate any porous surface and can reach into the tiniest, microscopic spaces to lift and remove dirt, debris and bacteria.  Vapamore steam cleaning products are so effective because they heat water to such a high degree that it produces a steam capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria.  You can use your steam cleaner to clean all areas of an animal shelter including crates and cages, veterinarian offices, floors, bathing facilities, bedding, toys, feeding bowls, leashes and more.

Steam cleaning is a fast, efficient and economical way to keep animal shelters clean.  Animal shelters see a high turnover rate and operate on limited funds.  Chemical cleaning products, when being used frequently, have to be replaced frequently, which gets expensive quickly.  Once you invest in a steam cleaner, all you need for cleaning and disinfection is water.  The machine heats the water the produces the disinfecting steam so chemical cleaners use will be eliminated or greatly diminished.  With your steam cleaner, you can quickly move from area to area, cleaning and disinfecting without missing a beat, making it a much more efficient method of cleaning because it will save you a great deal of time.  If you operate an animal shelter and are looking for a cost-saving, healthier, and far more effective cleaning method, steam cleaning is the ideal solution.

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