Steam Cleaning for the Immunosuppressed

A person that is immunosuppressed or immunocompromised is a person that has a diminished or absent immune system which makes them more susceptible to infection.  Many people never give much thought to whether someone around them is immunosuppressed or immunocompromised but if you or a loved one has experienced it, you know that it can be terrifying to leave the house.  And, even if you do not leave the house, the germs and bacteria within your house can pose a significant threat to the immunosuppressed.  For the immunosuppressed, a common cold could become life threatening because their body does not have the ability to and immune system it needs to fight off the illness. 

Many people that have cancer, are being treated with chemotherapy, or have another immunodeficiency disorder are immunosuppressed.  For those people, keeping their home and the environments in which they spend time clean and bacteria free is incredibly important.  But, doing it to the extent that someone that is immunosuppressed needs is a challenging undertaking because it requires constant vigilance.  And, an additional problem is that many chemical cleaning products can actually be harmful to health.  For this reason, a steam cleaner is an ideal cleaning tool for someone that is immunosuppressed.

First, after the initial investment, you do not need to leave the home and venture into the germ filled supermarket, convenience store or big box store to buy cleaning products.  All you need is the water that you have access to at home.  A steam cleaner can be used in a myriad of ways for the almost all of the surfaces in your home.  Steam cleaners can clean porous surfaces and non-porous surfaces, it can clean flooring, carpeting, and upholstery, it can clean kitchens and bathrooms and so much more.  It truly is the ultimate cleaning tool.  And, it kills up to 99% of bacteria without any harmful chemical cleaning products.  An additional benefit of steam cleaning is that it can penetrate porous surfaces and even the tiniest of crevices deeply to lift, remove and eliminate bacteria.  Chemical cleaning products can only clean the surface but steam cleaners use steam that is propelled through a nozzle at a high velocity so it can penetrate deeply.  Don’t risk harming health further with harsh chemical cleaning products or inadequately cleaning surfaces.  Steam cleaning is the most effective and safe way to clean and disinfect for the immunosuppressed.

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