Steam Cleaning Concrete Floors in Residential and Industrial Settings

Concrete is used as flooring in many residential, commercial, and industrial applications.  With modern techniques, concrete flooring can be stained, stamped and made to look like just about anything you can imagine or it can be left alone and still look great.  Many businesses, particularly in industrial applications, opt for concrete flooring because of its durability and the fact that it will likely encounter a wide variety of stresses, machinery, traffic, substances, etc.  Concrete floors are great because not only are they durable but they are also easy to clean with a steam cleaner.

Concrete is naturally porous and that means it will absorb any dirt or liquids with which it comes into contact.  And, while certain spills like water may be easy to clean up, other spills like oils, grease, chemicals, and other liquids may be more challenging to clean once they have penetrated the porous surface.  While typical industrial cleaners will clean the surface and maybe eliminate some of the stain or liquid, it cannot penetrate porous surfaces the way steam can so it will not provide the same kind of cleaning power.  Steam can penetrate microscopic pores to lift and remove, dirt, debris, grease, oil, etc. with ease.

Additionally, not only does it have outstanding cleaning power for even the toughest cleaning tasks, but it also disinfects while it cleans.  While certain chemical cleaners may be able to clean they may also stain your concrete flooring.  And, if your facility produces any sort of food product you have to be very careful about the chemicals you use where food is produced.  Fortunately, steam cleaners use only water so you never have to worry about the various dangers of industrial cleaning products.  Vapamore’s powerful commercial-grade steam cleaners use only water in the cleaning process.  The steam cleaner’s powerful engine heats water to a such a high degree that steam is produced which is capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria.  Additionally, when you use a steam cleaner to clean your concrete flooring in an industrial setting, it can be used to clean various other surfaces in that same industrial facility so it is the ultimate multi-purpose cleaning tool.  For the best concrete flooring cleaning and stain removal tool, there is nothing more powerful than a steam cleaner.

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