Steam Cleaner Is the Ultimate Wallpaper Removal Tool

Wallpaper tends to be a divisive topic amongst homeowners.  Some people love it and some loathe it.  Whether you have moved into a home with wallpaper that is not your taste, of you have simply grown tired of a pattern that you chose, wallpaper removal is no simple task.  In fact, ask just about any homeowner that has removed wallpaper how it went and they will likely tell you that it was a frustrating and painstaking project that took endless hours and elbow grease.  At Vapamore, we have something exciting and revolutionary for wallpaper removal – a high-powered steam cleaner.  By using a steam cleaner you can make what is normally a difficult task far easier and quicker so that you can have more time to finish the walls the way you want.

To use a steam cleaner for wallpaper removal, you will first begin by filling your steam cleaner with water.  Once the steam cleaner has heated the water enough to produce steam, your Vapamore steam cleaner will be ready to propel the steam through a nozzle so you can aim it at the spot on the wall that you want to begin.  Perforate the wallpaper with a wallpaper perforating tool, also known as a paper tiger.  This will allow the steam to better permeate the underside of the wallpaper and get to most difficult part of wallpaper removal, the adhesive.  The strong adhesive is what is keeping those  delicate layers of wallpaper attached so well but if you can diminish the strength of the adhesive, the wallpaper will remove far more easily.

Once you are ready to start using your steam cleaner on the newly perforated wallpaper, attach the nylon brush that comes with your Vapamore steam cleaner.  HGTV explains the basic method of using steam to remove wallpaper and why doing so will save you time in the long run, “Place the steamer pad on the surface of the wallpaper and hold it long enough to allow the steam to penetrate the paper and soften the glue. Experience will tell you how long to hold the steamer pad against the wall — if you apply too little steam, the wallpaper will be difficult to remove. If you apply too much steam for too long, however, you can damage the drywall below and even soften a plaster surface.Once the wallpaper is loosened, use a scraper to remove it — do not pull it away with your hands because the steam will have superheated the glue and paper and could cause burns. This process can be time-consuming, but the more effort you dedicate to steaming, the less time you’ll spend scraping.”  Use your steam cleaner to make wallpaper removal easy and to better protect your walls from damage so that they can look their best.

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