Steam Clean Your Refrigerator

When we discuss steam cleaners and their benefits, one of our favorite words to use is ‘versatility’.  Steam cleaners offer the ultimate cleaning versatility because they can literally be carried around from room to room, then taken outside, then moved to the garage, then taken to the workplace and on, and on, and on.  With each move, a steam cleaner continues to provide superior cleaning power with one simple tool.  Now that is versatility.  If you have ever purchased a chemical cleaning product (who hasn’t?) and have stood in the aisles of the store, staring at the hundreds of different products designed to clean different things you know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to chemical cleaning.  If you opt for chemical cleaners you not only endanger your health but you have to buy a large variety to clean all of the areas we mentioned above.  That is not only a lot to store but it is pretty expensive to constantly keep an arsenal of chemical cleaners.  That is why we highly recommend a steam cleaner to meet your wide variety of cleaning needs.  One area that many find difficult and annoying to clean is the refrigerator.  Even the cleanest household will encounter spills, odors, crumbs and more in their refrigerator, it is inevitable.  But, not everyone knows how to properly and safely clean their refrigerator to not only protect its longevity and keep it looking and smelling its best, but protect food safety as well.

If you see a spill in your refrigerator, whether old or new, your first instinct may be to reach for the strongest chemical cleaner you can find to clean that mysterious substance and leave your refrigerator disinfected.  The problem is, chemical cleaners leave a residue, also known as biofilm that is invisible to the eye.  That chemical residue can spread to other surfaces, latch onto food and get ingested or actually help grow bacteria in a cold dark environment such as your refrigerator.  Also, as anyone knows, if there is a spill in the refrigerator and it is not immediately cleaned up, it can be difficult to clean even with scrubbing.  If it is a really bad spill and it gets on the shelves and in crevices it is even more difficult to clean; but, not with a steam cleaner.  A high-end, powerful steam cleaner, such as one of the outstanding products produced by Vapamore, can heat water to such a high degree that it is capable of disinfecting up to 99% of bacteria.  That disinfecting steam is propelled through a nozzle that focuses the steam right where you want it.  The steam lifts and removes dirt and bacteria from even the tiniest of crevices, porous and non-porous surfaces, which leaves you with the ultimate clean refrigerator.  No endless scrubbing needed!  Vapamore steam cleaners are the ideal cleaning tool for your household and workplace because of its versatility, including its ability to perfectly clean your refrigerator!

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