Steam Clean Your HVAC System For Better Air Quality

We all think about the quality of food we eat, the safety of the water we drink, the chemicals in the products that we put on our bodies, and more.  But, many of us often forget to think about the quality of air we breathe in our homes.  It is probably not something you have given much thought to, other than changing your air filters, but you should.  The quality of air you breathe directly impacts you, and your family’s, health and well-being.  In fact, poor air quality from an unclean HVAC system or air ducts can lead to illness, allergies and more.  A air is cycled through your home things like dust mites, pollen, dirt, bacteria and other small particles can get caught in the air ducts and then re-circulated through your home.  Additionally, air ducts are a breeding ground for bacteria because they are cool and dark.  All they need is for a small amount of moisture to find its way inside, and a little bit of time, and soon there may be mold or mildew inside your air ducts. As the air blows through the ducts into your home, you may find yourself breathing in mold spores and other dirt and bacteria inadvertently.  Fortunately, HVAC systems, including ducts and coils, can be cleaned using a completely safe and eco-friendly method – steam.

There are many businesses out there that provide cleaning service for your HVAC system and many of those services use chemical cleaners.  The problem with using chemical cleaners is that they leave a chemical residue and then that makes its way into the air you breathe day in and day out inside of your home.  A portable, industrial-strength steam cleaner, such as the products sold by Vapamore, utilize advanced technology to heat water to such a high temperature that it produces a steam capable of not just cleaning but of disinfecting as well.  Vapamore steam cleaners can kill up to 99% of bacteria, using just water, no chemicals.  This makes it not only eco-friendly, but far more safe for your household and will also save you money in the long run.  Your portable steam cleaner can be used to clean your HVAC system, ductwork, coils and more but its potential does not stop there.  It can be used all of your house (and even outside of your home!) for superior cleaning and disinfection.  One simple tool provides the best cleaning available, saving you time and money.  Additionally, because it only uses water you will not need to constantly buy and replace an array of chemical-filled cleaning products for your various cleaning needs.  Because steam can penetrate porous surfaces and tiny crevices, a steam cleaner will also get your HVAC system, and home, far cleaner than any chemical cleaning product ever could.  Don’t breathe in contaminated and hazardous air inside your home, provide you and your family with the best air quality by using a steam cleaner to clean your HVAC system.

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