Product Spotlight: Vapamore MR-1000 Forza

In a market saturated with products, it can be difficult to discern a quality steam cleaner from a dud.  Sure, there are steam cleaners at every price point and some may even seem like they are doing a good job cleaning but once you have used a truly high quality steam cleaner you will be able to immediately tell the difference in both quality of construction and cleaning ability.  Many steam cleaners you will find at your average big box store are not capable of heating water to a degree that produces steam capable of disinfection or propelling steam at the proper PSI for exceptional cleaning.  It may produce steam that helps get dirt up but that is about it.  High-end steam cleaners, such as the Vapamroe MR-1000 Forza, is a commercial grade steam cleaner that works as both a household steam cleaner and a professional steam cleaner and will produce steam that is 270°- 280° and provide 90 PSI steam pressure.

In Italian, Forza stands for “strength and power” and that is just what the Vapamore MR-1000 Forza brings to the table.  Our steam cleaners are capable of standing the test of time and frequent use because they are designed for performance, endurance and total value.  The MR-1000 Forza commercial grade steam cleaning system was designed over two years of intensive development and testing beause we were dedicated to creating a steam cleaning product with a robust design, truly bringing innovation to the steam cleaning industry.

At Vapamore, we design products that are recognized as top-of-the-line worldwide.  The MR-1000 Forza greatly improves commercial cleaning for hundreds of business owners in a wide variety of industries including star-quality restaurants and kitchens, auto shops and detailing businesses, hospitals, residential care homes, and far more.  Further, experts in pest control recognize that, often, the best pest control does not involve harsh chemicals, but rather, incredibly hot steam that will disinfect and stop bed bugs, dust mites, mold and other allergens right in their tracks.

The MR-1000 Forza infuses custom Italian manufactured CEME® components with commercial grade powder coated steel construction, along with continuous steam flow, computer controller operation and the largest selection of included accessories (50 accessories and attachments!) on the market. Further, it has a specially designed extra large stainless steel boiler with 1700-Watt heater and 90 psi steam output enhance the power and execution of this world-class product. It is truly a complete steam cleaning package, an incredible value and exceptional business tool.  When you invest in a Vapamore product you can rest assured that you are purchasing a steam cleaner that is built for a lifetime of use and the MR-1000 Forza is backed by superior customer service and the exclusive Vapamore Lifetime Warranty.

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