Preventing and Getting Rid of Bed Bugs with Steam

Bed bugs.  Those two little words can strike fear in anyone.  Once a bed bug infestation takes over it can be very difficult to get rid of them.  Once they have made a location home (such as a mattress or rug) they rapidly multiply, bite and infest.  While we all probably heard about the infestations taking over New York a few years ago, no place is safe from bed bugs.  They can inhabit almost anything, anywhere.  A panicked call to an exterminator will certainly lead to your home being doused and coated in chemicals to hopefully get rid of bed bugs and even still they could possibly persist.  So, what is a homeowner or business owner to do?  The answer to prevent and get rid of bed bugs can be found in steam.

Steam cleaning is popular among home owners and business owners for reducing the amount of chemicals used, reducing the amount money spent on expensive cleaning solutions and for being eco-friendly but people may not immediately think of steam cleaning when it comes to bed bugs.  But, they should!  Nobody wants to use a mattress or couch, or lay on a rug that has been doused in toxic pesticides.  Not all steam cleaners are created equal and the right one must be used for the job when trying to rid something of bed bugs.  The Vapamore steam cleaner options heat water to such a high temperature that the vapor that is produced can sanitize, disinfect and kill bed bugs and their eggs.  Steam is natural, non-toxic and actually is the most effective option when trying to get rid of bed bugs.  Carefully clean your mattress or other surfaces on a regular basis to prevent bed bugs and, should an infestation occur, kill them and rid your home of them using the same steam cleaner that you can use for many other household chores.  After you have used the steam cleaner, allow whatever you have cleaned to fully dry so that you do not risk further damage.  Bed bus will have no chance of hiding from steam like they can with chemical cleaners because steam penetrates porous surfaces to get in where bed bugs may be hiding.  The steam kills the bed bugs and lifts them out of porous surfaces so that you can completely eradicate the problem.  If necessary, the process can be repeated should the first attempt not catch all of the bed bugs but rest-assured, steam cleaning with a vapor stem cleaner will kill bed bugs and their eggs.

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