Maintain Your Golf Gear with a Steam Cleaner

Any avid golfer has probably invested in a set of golf clubs.  Golf clubs are not an inexpensive investment and when they are used with some regularity, they get dirty and start to show signs of wear and tear.  Golf clubs can last decades when well-cared for but when neglected they will be a wasted investment.  Golf clubs must be cleaned regularly but to protect the grips and metal, chemical cleaners should not be used.   When it comes to effective and efficient routine cleaning of golf clubs, golf gloves, golf balls, and even your golf bag, the best cleaning tool to reach for is a steam cleaner.

Vapamore steam cleaners are high-end steam cleaners that heat water to a much higher temperature than many big-box store steam cleaners. Because of this, Vapamore steam cleaners can actually disinfect up to 99% of bacteria.  The steam is propelled through a nozzle that directs the steam exactly where you want it to go.  You will be able to quickly remove dirt, grime and debris from your golf clubs with ease.  Want to give your golf balls a quick and easy shine, throw them in a bucket and steam clean them!

Additionally, our high-powered steam cleaners can penetrate porous surfaces deeply to lift and remove dirt and debris so your golf club grips will be like new!  Because our steam cleaners penetrate to lift and remove dirt while simultaneously disinfecting, they are an invaluable tool for cleaning your golf bag as well.  You drag your golf bag all over the golf course, put it in golf carts, load it in and out of your car, travel on airplanes with it, and more – it is no wonder your golf bag gets very dirty easily.  But, you cannot exactly throw your golf bag in the washing machine and who has time to take it to the dry cleaner?  Once you have invested in a steam cleaner, you have a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to clean your golf equipment (as well as all over your home, patio, vehicle, and more!).  Are those golf gloves, sweaty, dirty and smelly?  Use your steam cleaner to penetrate the fabric, kill bacteria and remove odor for fresh, good-as-new gloves!  By caring for your golf clubs, bag and other golf gear, you extend the overall life and protect your investment to ensure years of enjoyable use!

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