Keeping Animal Care Facilities Clean With Steam

Animal care facilities are a very helpful place to take pets for things like medical care, grooming and boarding.  They are not only necessary but beneficial to the health and well-being of animals.  These facilities see a wide variety of animals every day, for a wide variety of reasons.  While some arrive for basic grooming services, others may be sick and in need of care.  Because of the nature of what takes place in animal care facilities it can quickly get very dirty.  Not only is dirt unsightly but it is unsanitary.  Such conditions are not ideal for customers and in fact are dangerous for animals because it could make a facility more prone to spreading disease.  Animal care facilities are much like human healthcare facilities in that the spread of disease within the facility is of significant concern.  Things like MRSA are discussed all the time when talking about disinfecting hospitals and animal care facilities need the same level of disinfecting and proper cleaning to ensure that they are truly clean and sanitary.

The challenges of keeping an animal care facility clean and sanitary are in many ways more difficult than keeping a human healthcare facility clean because animals tend to act like animals – they roll around, slobber, and sometimes cannot control their bodily functions in common areas.  Needless to say, sanitization is a priority.  Using a steam cleaner is the ideal way to keep an animal care facility clean for a variety of reasons.  First, a steam cleaner does not use any harsh chemicals, just water heated up to a temperature that is capable of disinfecting surfaces.  This means that animal care facilities will be able to reduce the expense of having to frequently purchase chemical cleaning solutions.  Additionally, because we love our pets like family members it is important that we avoid harsh chemicals that could be dangerous to animals.  Steam cleaning is completely chemical free and yet can completely disinfect any surface.  When an animal enters a care facility it should be a safe haven and not an risk to their health.  A steam cleaner can be used throughout exam rooms, office areas, boarding facilities, grooming areas, waiting rooms and more.  It can be used to clean floors, counters, walls, chairs, crates, feeding areas and the list keeps on going.  A steam cleaner is an investment that will continue to prove its worth as it is used throughout an entire healthcare facility.  With a detailed sanitation plan, and the use of a seam cleaner, keeping an animal care facility clean and sanitary will be made much easier.

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