Keep Workout and Sports Gear Clean with Steam

Athletic equipment and gym gear gets used a lot, sweat in, comes in contact with dirty surfaces and just generally takes a beating.  Whether it is football pads, hockey gear, gym equipment that multiple people use in a single day, helmets, cleats or more – athletic equipment and clothing tends to get gross, smelly and downright dirty very fast.  Trouble is, some of that gear can be rather tricky to clean because certain kinds of cleaning solutions may damage the materials the equipment is made with, or be absorbed into the materials which then come in contact with skin which may cause irritation.  Additionally, there are a lot of nooks and crannies and all of that sweat and dirty tends to settle into the tiniest spaces and live there because it is hard to get into those nooks and crannies with typical cleaning methods.  And we all know that tell-tale musty smell that is so hard to get rid of.  And the smell is not the only gross thing – all of that moisture creates a breeding ground for germs.  The New York Times wrote an article discussing just how important it is to properly clean and disinfect athletic gear and gym equipment, “In June, the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, known as N.A.T.A., issued a position paper on the causes, prevention and treatment of skin diseases in athletes that could just as well apply to anyone who works out in a communal setting, be it a school, commercial gym or Y. The authors pointed out that “skin infections in athletes are extremely common” and account for more than half the outbreaks of infectious diseases that occur among participants in competitive sports… “It’s what we all learned — or should have learned — in sixth-grade health class,” he said. “It’s all common sense. You need to keep yourself and your equipment clean. You never know who last used the equipment in a gym. It can be a great breeding ground for these bugs, some of which are pretty nasty.” Fortunately, there is one solution that can clean any sports gear and athletic equipment effectively, inexpensively and without causing any damage – steam.

Steam cleaning is well known as an effective, green cleaning method.  Because steam cleaners only use water, it is a much better alternative to chemical-filled cleaning methods and reduces the need to continually purchase cleaning products.  When you purchase a high-quality steam cleaner, such as the products manufactured by Vapamore, water is heated to an extremely high temperature that is capable of not only deep cleaning but disinfecting as well.  It is so effective that it actually kills over 99% of bacteria.  Additionally, because it is steam it is capable of penetrating deeply to get tiny areas and difficult to reach nooks and crannies of athletic gear and equipment, unlike chemical products that simply get sprayed on and only clean the surface.  Steam works to get into the fibers and pores of materials and gently but effectively lift dirt, mold, mildew, fluids and more up and out of the equipment.  This provides a far superior level of clean, deodorizes and leaves individuals with equipment and gear that is disinfected and safe to use.  Steam cleaning is the ideal way to clean athletic gear and sporting equipment at home, in schools, in gyms, or in professional training facilities to extend the life of the equipment and protect the safety of the athletes.

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