Keep Curtains & Drapes Clean and Deodorized with Steam Cleaning

Curtains and drapes are a part of home décor in just about every home.  They provide privacy, shade, insulation from outside temperatures, and enhance the style and décor in your home.  Curtains and drapes serve many purposes but if you are like most homeowners, once they are hung, you do not think much about them.  We clean things like our upholstery, mattresses, linens and more on a regular basis because of both heavy use and dust accumulation but we often forget our curtains and drapes, unless there is a spill/stain on them, of course.  But, we should not wait for on obvious blemish to clean our curtains.  Those curtains and drapes accumulate dust and common allergens and can contribute to poor air quality in your home and begin to simply look lackluster over time from inadequate cleaning and care.  The best way to clean your drapes and curtains is with a high-powered steam cleaner.

Put down the Febreze bottle.  Not only is it filled with harsh chemicals but all it really does is mask odors.  When you want to clean dirt and remove odors effectively and safely, all you need is water.  Yes, water. A high-quality steam cleaner, such as one of the products made by Vapamore, heats water to such a high degree that it produces a steam capable of disinfecting 99% of bacteria.  That steam is then propelled through a nozzle at a rapid rate so that it can penetrate porous surfaces deeply and safely while lifting and removing dirt, bacteria and odors.  With just water, a clean and disinfected surface is left behind.

This is particularly important for cleaning something like upholstery or drapes because fabric is often delicate and susceptible to damage and staining from chemicals.  Curtains and drapes are also often not able to be laundered in your washing machine, requiring professional cleaning surfaces just to maintain their freshness.  But, a steam cleaner gently cleans and deodorizes and the best part is that you do not even have to take them down to accomplish such an exceptional level of clean.  And, when you use a steam cleaner, you will not just have completely clean drapes or curtains, but they will be wrinkle free and beautiful!  Steam naturally and safely releases wrinkles and is generally safer for fabrics than ironing.  The next time you want to clean, disinfect and deodorize your drapes while leaving behind a beautiful, wrinkle-free décor-element, choose steam cleaning!

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    I am wondering which machine you suggest for cleaning drapes

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