Introduction to the Vento Vacuum

At Vapamore, we are proud to carry a selection of steam cleaners and steam vacuums that are top-of-the-line, high-quality products.  While there are many steam cleaners on the market, many are not made of the same exceptional parts, or capable of the same pristine cleaning that our products can provide.  This is because many steam cleaners, especially “bargain steam cleaners,” cannot heat water to the same high degree that our machines can.  It is when water is heated to such a high degree that true sanitization can occur.  And, because very hot steam is being propelled at a high speed it disinfects and lifts dirt to achieve the ultimate clean.  In addition to our steam cleaners that focus steam through a nozzle to clean, we also have a selection of steam vacuums.  Our MR-500 Vento Canister Power Vacuum System, was inspired by the Italian word for “wind” and is the ideal steam vacuum for your cleaning needs.

Companies churn out new steam vacuums all the time but they are not the same quality as the MR-500 Vento Canister Power Vacuum System. This powerful steam vacuum system was carefully developed over two years by our highly skilled and expertly trained Vapamore team.  They focused on developing the ultimate canister vacuum and they succeeded.  The MR-500 Vento Canister Power Vacuum System has features that not only meet but surpass competitors vacuums that are selling for more than twice the price.  Not only is it a good value but it outperforms the competition.

Additionally, the Vento features include things like 1400 watts of total cleaning power, adjustable suction controls, extra large floor head with bright LED lighting, 200 watt electric rotating brush, brush jam reset button, ultra tight turn radius, quiet efficient operation, 26′ retractable power cord, on board tool storage, and the largest selection of included accessories.  All of these features make using the Vento easy and enjoyable and ensures that it is providing the best cleaning power.  Furthermore, the Vento’s HEPA filter helps to maintain clean, contaminant and allergy free air.  Up to 99.97% free from pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold, and all other allergens.  For allergy sufferers, cleaning with the MR-500 Vento Canister Power Vacuum System will provide clean, breathable air that will reduce the risk of triggering allergy symptoms.  Finally, because we highly value our customer’s and stand behind the design and performance of the Vento, we provide our customers with a Vapamore lifetime warranty that guarantees, further exemplifying the quality, power and value of the Vapamore MR-500 Vento Canister Power Vacuum System.


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