Importance of Steam Cleaning Your Backpack and Luggage

Backpacks and luggage are two things you may not think of when you think of steam cleaning, but you should.  We talk often about how versatile steam cleaners are, they can be used to clean and disinfect almost anything!  And, backpacks and luggage are no exception.  Backpacks and luggage encounter a lot of bacteria out in the world.

Luggage gets placed on the floor, wheeled through bathrooms, airports, airplanes, hotels, streets, sidewalks and many other places that are just crawling with millions of bacteria and dirt. Think about all the surfaces and public places your luggage as encountered.  How clean do you think those surface are?  Many different kinds of luggage have at least a small amount of fabric, if they are not made primarily of fabric.  Not only does bacteria and dirt cling to that fabric, so do things like lice, bed bugs and other pests. Then, when you bring that luggage home and place it on a chair your carpet, you have then introduced those things to your home!

You or your child may also use a backpack for school or just convenience.  Many times that backpack is placed on the ground, or in a pile of other backpacks.  As mentioned with luggage, the ground is filled with dirt and bacteria that is then transferred to your backpack.  Additionally, many schools simply put backpacks in a large pile.  If there is lice or bed bugs on even a single backpack, that can then get transferred to you or your child’s backpack and then to you!  It happens in a matter of seconds and that is why we see so many lice outbreaks in schools today.

Keeping luggage and backpacks clean and disinfected does not have to be a difficult, time-consuming or frustrating task.  Simply grab your steam cleaner and get to work.  By passing over your luggage with your steam cleaner, the steam penetrates fabric and tiny crevices to lift and remove dirt and bacteria.  It will leave your luggage and/or backpack looking like new!  It is a great way to simply maintain the appearance of your investment.  But, even better, it kills bacteria, lice and bed bugs on contact so that you do not have to worry about introducing those things into your home!  The investment you make in your steam cleaner for home, outdoor and auto cleaning offers even more versatility and advantage when you use it to clean and disinfect your luggage and backpacks.



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