Importance of Buying From an Authorized Vapamore Dealer

We strongly encourage you to consider using a steam cleaner for your assorted cleaning needs.  Whether at home, in a commercial setting or a construction site, steam cleaning is the most effective cleaning method for a variety of cleaning purposes.  But, it is also important to buy a good steam cleaner from a reputable manufacturer.  So often, companies with inferior products sell their steam cleaners at discounted prices but the product you get will not work as well, will not be made of high quality materials and ultimately, will not do the cleaning job you expect.  Many consumers are aware that it is better to buy a high quality steam cleaner, such as a Vapamore steam cleaner, but are unaware of the pitfalls of purchasing from other retailers or individuals.  The reality is, a Vapamore can only, and should only be purchased from a Vapamore authorized dealer.

You may think, what is the big deal?  It is still a Vapapmore product so I know it is good.  Does it really matter if I did not buy from an authorized dealer?  The answer is a resounding “Yes!”  When you purchase one of our products from someone that is not an authorized dealer, we at Vapamore cannot guarantee the quality of the product you are purchasing or if it really even is a Vapamore product.  While many authorized Vapamore dealers do sell our products on Amazon, there are also many unauthorized dealers who will try to sell our products on sites like E-Bay or Amazon.  It is critical to verify whether or not a seller is an authorized Vapamore dealer because, if not, we cannot guarantee the quality of manufacturing or the reliability of the product.  We are so highly committed to quality and we only want our customers to experience the absolute best product available.  Unfortunately, if you do purchase from an unauthorized dealer we are unable to provide buyer protections such as warranty, support or service.  If you have already made a purchase from an unauthorized dealer it is imperative that you contact the seller immediately and make a return for a refund so that you can instead purchase from an authorized dealer.  We are incredibly committed to providing our customers with the best product available, as well as the best service should they need it after purchase.  This is why we cannot advise purchasing from an unauthorized dealer and strongly encourage our customers to purchase from authorized dealers who will help you find the steam cleaner you need that will stand the test of time.

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